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Page 20 | Abby's Magazine | There seem to be surprising developments in the world almost every day—and sometimes things are truly unsettling. In times of serious challenge, it's still important to prioritize your own feelings of well-being. Think of good self-care as being like a 3-legged stool. While the legs are separate, they work together to give a firm foundation to the whole. To build your solid support system, give a little TLC to each of these: managing stress (which affects your health and resilience), getting the nutrition your body needs, and staying in touch with others. 1. De-stress your being Stress is a natural, human response to many kinds of situations. To help manage stress, try giving your brain and spirit small, nourishing breaks—even if it's just a few minutes a day. • Consider taking breaks from newsfeeds. Yes, it's important to stay informed, but maybe limit the number of times you seek information each day. • If possible, try to get outside and just breathe. Let the sunshine on your face. • If you have a practice like walking, music, or stretching, set an alarm to remind yourself to do that thing, even just for 5-10 minutes. • Read! Get your hands on a physical book and give your busy mind something different to tackle. Self-Care Tips for Challenging Times • Be kind to yourself. Focus on what's most important for the day, and let other things go. 2. Nourish your body • If available, eat a variety of healthy foods. Also, avoid drinking alcohol during times of stress, since drinking can actually reduce the body's resilience. • For immune support and whole-body wellness, take a complete multivitamin with vitamins A, C & Zinc, and with B vitamins for energy metabolism.* Supplementing with a complete multi like New Chapter's can be especially helpful if you aren't eating well due to stress or other factors. Our multivitamins are fermented for better absorption, maximizing your nutrient intake from each tablet. • Herbal adaptogens such as Rhodiola and Holy Basil contain remarkable compounds that can help fine-tune your body's ability to respond well to stress. 3. Connect with others • Humans are social animals. To feel supported and safe, we can all use a little connection sometimes. If you can't meet with others in person, try reaching out via text, email, DM, or phone. And do your best to be patient with others, especially children, during stressful times. • Depending on the event, you might need specific help in your community, or you might be able to help and share resources with others. Whether it's transportation, supplies, food, funds, or something else, be up front about what you need and what you can give. Everyone needs helpers! When things are challenging, the main self-care tip is to be gentle with yourself and compassionate toward others.

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