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Page 0 of 31 - Issue 40 | Page 1 "Better Health Through Education" FREE $7.45 FREE (Issue 40) Volume 7 Issue 4 H E A LT H & N U T R I T I O N WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT M a g a z i n e Café Eden's Recipes Abby's Organic Farm New at Abby's CBD CBD OIL AND CANCER A CANNABINOID With Many Benefits C B D O i l f o r A n x i e t y a n d D e p r e s s i o n BREAKING DOWN THE 3 MAJOR TYPES OF CBD CHIROPRACTIC CARE & OPIOIDS Is CBD Oil Safe to Use? C B D i s n o t J u s t f o r H u m a n s Easy Ways to Support Intestinal & Whole-Body Health The Many Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and Cannabidiol CBD & MASSAGE FOR THE MIND AND BODY Does CBD oil work for chronic pain management? COME TO ONE OF OUR SEMINARS OR RESERVE OUR NEWLY RENOVATED SEMINAR ROOM TODAY!

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