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Page 8| Abby's Magazine - ASK Abby ASK Abby Abby offers Free Consultations - Please call (813) 996-6999 Monday - Friday from 10 am - Noon to make your appointment Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquires to: Dear Abby, I am a C5 quadriplegic bowel/bladder. Chronic urinary tract infections and years of treatment with antibiotics have begun to concern my urologist; He now only treats me with antibiotics if and when I become symptomatic with fever. What do you think about his management of my situation? Is this dangerous to my long-term bladder health? Should I seek another solution? Sam Dear Sam, I recommend that you take a strong course of Colloidal Silver by Sovereign Silver. Take 2 tablespoons 5 times a day until a quart of the silver has been consumed. If possible, use 1-2 teaspoons of the silver as a bladder irrigant. After completion of the oral silver, take 1 teaspoon of D-mannose per day to discourage the return of any bacteria. Take the D-mannose for 2-3 months. In addition, I recommend 1 teaspoon of "Restore" before each meal to assist in the repair of any "tight junction" damage to your bladder. More information on this product is available upon request. Dear Abby, A friend of mine has a 10-year-old autistic child. They tested him for heavy metals and found high levels of tungsten in his system. Could there be any connection with his condition? Can tungsten be removed with oral chelation? Don Dear Don, I believe any of the heavy metals can be a factor in autism. Heavy metals accumulated in the developing fetus may cause improper neuronal connections. "Metal Flush" by Chi Enterprises helps with removal of any heavy metals, including lead, mercury, aluminum, etc. These heavy metals can be transferred in utero to the developing brain. Since there are no side effects with Metal Flush, I highly recommend a course of treatment. The number of capsules needed would be dependent on the child's weight. I recommend removal of all grains and dairy products, which exacerbate autism symptoms. Also, use "Restore" to start the repair of "tight junctions" of the blood brain barrier. More information on this product is available upon request. Dear Abby, I am a chemist in clinical diagnostics. One of my diseases is polyneuropathy in the legs. The amplitude of the electrical current is too small. No diabetes, poison, alcohol as cause. Fortunately, I don't have the often-appearing pain. Do you know if there is information about the molecular changes in the axon with polyneuropathy? Kind regards, Tom Dear Tom, What is the mechanism for the pathophysiology of a non-diabetic, non- alcohol, and non-poison neuropathy? The leading potential etiologies include chronic inflammation and demyelination. I will assume MS has been ruled out and that you are not on a diuretic or other medication that can cause a B1 deficiency (that can contribute to neuropathy). It is also essential that you support the body with methylcobalamin (a superior form of B12). Furthermore, I recommend high doses of R-Lipoic Acid along with Benfotiamine. I suggest the 5R program (an anti-inflammation diet) and "Restore" to repair damaged "tight junctions." In addition, a strong turmeric extract should be added. Limit red meat, fried foods, and avoid trans-fatty acids. Increase fish oils along with a full spectrum Vitamin E (both blood thinners). Make sure your doctor rules out issues of your back, sleep apnea and heavy metals!

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