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Vitamins & Supplements New at Abby's Health & Beauty Grocery Natural Vitality Calmful Sleep While original Natural Calm promotes sleep through natural relaxation, Calmful Sleep was developed specifically for those times we need extra sleep support. It features Natural Calm along with rest-promoting magnesium glycinate, Suntheanine® (a patented premium form of the relaxing amino acid L-theanine), calm-enhancing GABA (a non-protein amino acid) and melatonin, which helps the body ease into restful sleep. Vega Protein+ Shake Grab nutritional building blocks you can take on-the-go with ready- to-drink Vega Protein+ Shake. Featuring 20g plant-based protein, coupled with veggies and greens not to mention a variety of vitamins and minerals and 1 gram of Omega-3 ALA, this delicious protein shake is sure to keep you fueled! Available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. Michael's Thyrodrenal Thyrodrenal™ nourishes your thyroid gland with essential nutrients required to function at optimal levels: Vitamin B6, iodine, manganese, chromium and L-tyrosine are involved in the manufacturing of the thyroid hormones. In addition, Thyrodrenal™ provides Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C, Ashwaganda and Rhodiola for the nourishment and support of the adrenal glands. Mg12 Dead Sea Bath Salts Mg12 Dead Sea Bath Salts contain magnesium + 20 essential minerals. The waters of the Dead Sea are a unique blend of minerals that has 40 times more magnesium chloride than any other body of water in the world. Unrefined, unprocessed & undiluted, our Mg12 Bath Salts bring the healing powers of the Dead Sea into your home. This positively-charged, ionic mineral soak is readily absorbed by your skin – the human body's largest organ – for immediate relief, rejuvenation and relaxation. Mg12 Magne Sport Roll-On and Sport Balm Magne Sport Oil Roll-On is designed for athletes and active adults. Infused with our proprietary blend of Arnica and essential oils for reduced cramping, to soothe sore muscles, speed muscle recovery. Also, available in a Sport Balm. Everyone Shampoo and Conditioner Everyone loves feeling balanced! Facing the harsh environment every day, the natural balance of your hair can easily be thrown out of whack. Everyone Balance Shampoo and Conditioner will clean your hair with gentle hair-loving botanicals and moisturize your hair with clary sage and tea tree. For thirsty hair, try Everyone Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. Give dry hair and scalp what is craves with Quinoa protein and coconut extract. Everyone Loves beautiful hair! Ripple Nutritious Plant-Based Milk Ripple Original is proof that smart choices can be delicious. Trade in thin, chalky nut milks for a plant-based alternative that's actually rich, creamy and satisfying with 8 times more protein. Ripple Original is gentle on your body and the planet – 100% dairy-free, vegan, nut-, lactose- and gluten-free. Best of all, it's packed with nutrition. Each serving has 8 grams of protein, 50% more calcium than milk, more vitamin D and iron and contains only ½ the sugar of dairy milk. It's great over cereal, absolutely delicious in coffee, and fantastic just poured in a glass and enjoyed all by itself. Ripple is also available in a guilt-free decadent chocolate flavor! DNX Bars DNX bars deliver complete nutrition without compromise. No more sacrificing taste, convenience, or clean ingredients to get the fuel your body needs. DNX bars are protein-rich meal replacements that combine grass-fed beef or bison meat with organic superfoods known for their significant health benefits. Best of all, DNX bars taste great. Our culinary artisans bring the best out of delicious and organic ingredients like almond butter, dried tart cherries, sweet potato and spices to make DNX bars a pleasure to eat. Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereal Wake up to something new! Every bite of our Radiant Raspberry Superfood cereal contains tart raspberries, crunchy coconuts and the superfood goodness of beautifying herbs like sea buckthorn and aloe vera! Our Blueberry Blast Superfood Cereal contains blueberries, sweet currants, and the superfood goodness of exotic berries like, acai, maqui, and elderberry. Plus, we've included 2 billion CFUs of friendly probiotic cultures in each bag to support immune health and start your day off right! Taste, activated! Abby's Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 3| Page 55

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