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Feeling Thirsty? You're Already Dehydrated and Shriveling Up. Thirst is a late indicator for the onset of dehydra on. Being chronically dehydrated changes your physiology and creates unhealthy complica ons that are o en mistakenly labeled as diseases. Preven on is simple and many of the signs and symptoms can be reversed simply by regularly drinking enough pure water to remain adequately hydrated. Do you experience chronic pain?... In your joints, muscles, stomach, gut, or back; or perhaps you have frequent headaches or chronic cons pa on? Your body may use chronic pain to warn you that you have become chronically dehydrated. There are about a hundred trillion cells in the human body and, when the body lacks sufficient water, cells begin to dry up and wrinkle, causing their inner processes to malfunc on. The human body is approximately 75% water and 25% solid ma er. The brain is about 85% water and is extremely sensi ve to any deple on of its water content. It's es mated that about 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. This is an especially serious concern among the elderly because, as we age, our thirst percep on diminishes. More than one-third of people have a weak enough thirst urge that they misread it as hunger! Thirst is a poor way of monitoring your water needs because a dry mouth sensa on means your body has already become dehydrated. Signs and symptoms can include: • increasing thirst • dry mouth • weakness or fa gue • lightheadedness (especially if worse on standing) • darkening of the urine • a decrease in urina on frequency or amount Tea, coffee, juice, alcohol, and sodas cannot be subs tuted for water. Fluids that contain caffeine and alcohol have a diure c effect and cause the kidneys to flush some of the body's water reserves. Some Health Issues That Often Get Labeled as Disease May Actually Be a Crisis Complication of Dehydration 1. Allergies occur when an body produc on is suppressed during dehydra on, and the decreased an body supply is inadequate to deal with foreign agents such as pollen. Dehydra on Can Cause Chronic Pain We have created an opportunity for the drug industry to thrive. A 'sick-care' health system thrives when people are con nuously sick. We need a new approach to medical science to solve our health problems. Understanding the molecular physiology of dehydra on will cause a fundamental paradigm change in the science of medicine, showing the way to enhance the natural healing powers of the body. The primary focus in medicine will become disease preven on rather than invasive treatment protocols. F.Batmanghelidj, M.D. Author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water Abby's Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 3 | Page 13

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