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The "fire" element is essential for life to exist on earth. Because our atmosphere filters out most radiation and wavelengths, we primarily receive infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light from the sun with only small amounts of radio, x-ray, and gamma-ray frequencies. Regarding the health of the human body, the sun directly helps us in important ways. The sun gives us warmth because our planet is the perfect distance from the sun, making life on earth possible. Maintaining a stable body temperature is essential, otherwise our bodies become stressed by temperatures too cold or too hot. The infrared component of sunlight gives us the sensation of "warmth." Infrared saunas are a great investment for detoxifying your body. Natural full spectrum light from the visible portion of the sun is vital to our health. "Seasonal The 4th Element of Health Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)" or the "wintertime blues" is easily remedied with direct sunshine or high intensity full spectrum lighting. When the sun is readily available, it's healthful to sunbathe in the late morning or late afternoon for about 30 minutes. The lighter your skin, the more careful you must be. Our ozone layer is diminishing and the U.V. radiation is higher than ever. But moderate amounts of sunlight, during the proper time of day, can be very rejuvenating. Make sure you use ONLY incandescent full spectrum lights in your house to prevent the dangers of compact fluorescent lights. The ultraviolet UVB frequencies of natural sunlight should convert steroids in your body to the very important VITD needed for healthy bones, immunity, and longevity. Even if you get lots of sunlight, it is recommended that you take a vitamin D3 supplement (cholecalciferol not synthetic ergocalciferol.) A simple blood test can determine your level. Optimally 65-70 mg is best. Exercise and Sleep Sleep and exercise are essential for the overall health of our bodies. Life is a cycle of activity and rest, and we need Fire/Sunlight Page 22| Abby's Magazine -

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