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Page 28 | Abby's Magazine | Think about buying organic and take an honest look at what you have in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator that could be sabotaging your health and vitality (and even your attempts to lose weight). Eating organic foods offer two benefits: it will help you to reduce your toxin intake, and because organic foods tend to score higher on the nutrient meter, they will support the health of your body's biomechanics and innate detoxification capacity. It's a win-win with organic foods. Choose ORGANIC whenever possible The importance of eating organic is gaining momentum. As demand rises, the pricing of organic foods is coming down now into the affordable range. You have the convenience of a health food store, with a good produce section near you, utilize it. Eat organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible to avoid the chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides generally found in produce. When you do buy conventionally grown produce, peel away the outer skin first. For produce you can't peel, like broccoli, boiling or cooking it will take care of removing most chemicals, but don't forget to discard the water. Choose organic meats and dairy to avoid hormones and antibiotics. Opt for wild-caught fish and cut down on albacore ("white") tuna and swordfish. Select unprocessed food to avoid the preservatives, dyes, nitrates, and nitrites. Going organic will also help you limit • NON-GMO CHICKEN • • ORGANIC TURKEY • QUINOA BURGER BLACKENED COD HERB GRILLED CHICKEN 14374 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. • Tampa, FL 33618 (over 30 personalized healthy meals available) • VEGETARIAN & VEGAN RAW • Personalized Meals Personalized Meals • WILD CAUGHT SEAFOOD • • Customize Your Meal! • 813-265-4951

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