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Many health issues that women face are tied to hormones, either due to a deficiency of hormones or an excessive production of them. To counteract hormone defi- ciency and the symptoms asso- ciated with it, hormone replace- ment therapy (HRT) is often recommended. Synthetic HRT was quite popular a few de- cades ago. However, when the Women's Health Initiative study shed light on the many dangers of synthetic HRT, the number of HRT users declined sharply. This eventually led to the advent of bio-identical hormones, a safer and more natural way to replace hormones. Yet despite this more natural method, the risks are not completely elimi- nated. However, we can reduce the risks associated with HRT use, both synthetic and bio- identical. Myomin is an herbal supple- ment demonstrated to reduce aromatase expression and es- trogen levels as well as improve estrogen-dominant conditions like cysts, fibroids and endo- metriosis. It can be safely taken with HRT to minimize its associ- ated risks. Hyper aromatization is excessive conversion of testosterone and DHEA into estrogens. For individuals on hormone therapy, this can be problematic for a number of reasons. First, they are not retaining the hormones that they need. Second, they are accumulating more estrogen than necessary, which can lead to increased risk for conditions like cysts, fibroids and endometriosis. Hyper aromatization is almost always accompanied by insulin resistance, another added risk. Myomin is useful for HRT users to reduce hyper aromatization and functions as an aromatase reducer and estrogen blocker. Some hormones, such as an- drostenedione and testoster- one are aromatized into forms of estrogen. If this aromatiza- tion continues unopposed, ex- cessive estrone (E1) and estra- diol (E2) production occurs, increasing the risk for condi- tions like cysts, fibroids, and even tumors. As an estrogen blocker, Myomin competes with estrogen mol- ecules at the receptor sites, minimizing the effect of estro- gen on certain tissues. Abnor- mal growths that are fueled by estrogen, for example, will be effectively stopped. There is plenty of evidence sup- porting Myomin's efficacy on reducing aromatase expression, lowering estradiol levels and on cysts, fibrocystic breasts, uter- ine fibroids and endometriosis. Its aromatase reduction func- tion also allows Myomin to be effective in both pre and post- menopausal women for improv- ing thyroid, kidney, ovarian and liver cysts, and even abdominal fat. It has been clearly demon- strated that Myomin has vari- ous applications in women's health, particularly in condi- tions associated with hormone imbalance. When there is defi- ciency or excess of hormones, the body's state of homeostasis is affected and disease results. Hormonal imbalance is linked to hyper aromatization in many cases. For instance, HRT is rec- ommended to a woman who is deficient in progesterone, DHEA, estradiol. When there is excessive hyper aromatization, progesterone and DHEA are converted into estrone and es- tradiol. As a result, the woman is not getting enough of the hor- mones that she needs and ac- cumulating too much estradiol. This can lead to problems like cysts, and fibroids, especially if she has a history of these dis- eases. Myomin can help correct hyper aromatization and help maintain the right balance of hormones. by Tsu-Tsair Chi, NMD, PhD MyoMin Page 24 | Abby's Magazine -

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