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Boomer Edition | 11th Annual - 2015

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6 8 Fermented Foods BeneFicial to Belly by Andrea Juarez 12 meet dr. eric Porritt by Debra Melani 14 rolling with the roBot by Debra Melani 16 oPtimistic Views by Debra Melani 18 gerd attack by Debra Melani 20 reciPe For resilience by Kris Scott 24 need For nutrients by Andrea Juarez 26 Prostate Primer by Andrea Juarez 29 successFul equation by Debra Melani 31 calming the Beat by Debra Melani 33 a winning card by Debra Melani 34 taming the Pain by Allyson Reedy 36 Foods that Fight inFlammation by Rhea Maze 38 aging graceFully by Andrea Juarez 40 a Piece oF history by Sarah Protzman Howlett 44 Pediatric Pros by Debra Melani 46 reBuilding liVes renewing hoPe by Debra Melani 48 Vacation For health by Morgan Tilton 52 next triP? adVenture! by Allyson Reedy 54 are you drinking too much? by Lisa Marshall 58 colorado aValanche are on the Brink! by Courtney Messenbaugh 62 reign in the hunger by Maribeth Neelis 64 health care reVolution? by Maribeth Neelis 70 tracking success by Courtney Messenbaugh 72 you'd Better sit down For this by Lisa Marshall 74 moVement as medicine by Rhea Maze 76 ask the doctor 78 healthone news by Debra Melani CONTENTS 20 40 64 12 14 58

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