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Page 28 | Abby's Magazine - Nature provides an anti- cancer molecule found in rice bran that exceeds the effectiveness and safety of most anti- cancer drugs. Yet it goes unutilized by modern medicine. IP6 directs most of its attention to abnormal cells and selectively removes iron, which deprives tumors of their primary growth factor. IP6 does not remove iron from red blood cells that are tightly bound to hemoglobin. Unlike cancer drugs, healthy cells are not affected by IP6, so IP6 has low toxicity; the safety record of IP6 is longstanding. First, it is a normal dietary component and is found in every living cell of the body. Second, extensive studies have been conducted to confirm the lack of toxicity of IP6. Numerous cancer remissions have been reported. IP6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) Diabetes – Cancer Connection Evidence linking diabetes and high insulin levels to certain cancers has grown stronger over the past several years. Eating too many starchy and sugar-laden foods can produce high insulin levels. Genetics is also a factor. Researchers have found that colorectal cancer survivors whose diets lead to excess amounts of insulin in the blood have a higher risk of cancer recurrence and death from the disease. A healthy prostate is one that keeps its presence quiet. But, after the age of forty, the comfort of owning an anonymous prostate often vanishes as this small gland begins to make its presence uncomfortably known, interfering with urination and sexual function. According to the National Institute on Aging, most men over the age of forty experience prostate discomfort. The problem starts when a man ages and the enzyme 5-alpha reductase kicks into overdrive, converting testosterone to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which in puberty helps development of male sexual characteristics. With increased DHT, the prostate can enlarge leading to BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy). Swelling and inflammation of the prostate can also contribute to prostate cancer. Studies have also shown that early exposure to estradiol may later develop into prostate cancer. The ability of prostate cells to produce their own estradiol may be a factor in prostate tumor development. It is extremely important for men to reduce excess estrogen in their body. Prosta Chi and Myomin for the Prostate Prosta Chi and Myomin work synergistically to lower prostate cancer risk. Prosta Chi contains herbs proven to: • Relieve abdominal discomfort or pain associated with prostate enlargement • Reduce frequent urination • Ease urine urgency • Improves hair loss • Improves sexual function Myomin is a natural aromatase reducer and increases the liver's ability to remove excess estrogen. Keeping Men Comfortable

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