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Abby's Magazine - September / October 2014 | Page 27 metabolism. The cells do this by exchanging material through their surface membrane with the fluid environment of the blood. When most of their surface area is blocked by other sticky cells, it becomes apparent they can't function properly. This live blood shows severe aggregation of the red cells. Clearly her red blood cells were so severely stuck together they were unable to adequately preform their job and she become sick and nearly died. The massive yeast was a result of her eating a high carbohydrate diet (a kibble diet) all her life. She was rehydrated and force fed a commercially produced raw meat diet with added enzymes and probiotics day one. By day 2 she began to eat on her own. We continued the raw diet with high levels of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Each day she became stronger, more active and her appetite continued to improve. She also received a chiropractic adjustment 2 weeks into her therapy. This is the same cat 4 weeks later. Though her blood cells are not perfect, they are substantially improved! She gained her weight back and at the time this article is being published, she is 2 years older and doing fabulous! Lifestyle is the key to ridding cancer from us and our pets. Cancer In Animals One of the roles animals play in our lives is to mirror our beliefs and reality. If the environment we are living in is toxic, we see a rise in the incidence of cancer in animals. They also entrain (pick up on and take on the vibrations we are emitting) to our energy. Entrainment (a well established physics principle) is when 2 energies sink together until they are vibrating in harmony. When owners are living in a state of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration.... Those energies may "entrain" with the pet and lead to disease. Nothing happens by accident and everything has a "message" or blessing if we can look past the emotions of the experience. Try to step back from the experience and see it through detached eyes. What could you learn, heal, share with others, forgive....that would lend a positive meaning to a serious if not tragic experience. If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, these are my minimum recommendations: 1. Think positive- forgive yourself and others no matter what. 2. Give in order to receive. Use your natural gifts and passions to serve others. 3. Live in gratitude and trust that EVERYTHING happens for your highest and best good. Find the blessings in everything that happens. . 4. Eat natural foods and feed your pets their appropriate species specific diets. Eliminate as much processed foods as possible (comes in a bag, box or can with names you can't pronounce). 5. Exercise daily. Swim, walk, run, bike...get outside. 6. Reduce stress by creating relaxation everyday and become centered and present. Techniques include meditation, yoga, qi gong and EFT Tapping. 7. Live in a clean environment free of toxins, chemicals and pesticides. Check your air quality, cleaning supplies and laundry/ clothing products. Clean with water, peroxide, vinegar and essential oils. 8. Sleep adequate amounts and make this a non-negotiable! 9. Feed the cleanest diet possible to your pets, no chemical, pesticide, GMO..Consult with a holistic veterinarian that is knowledgable in raw diets. 10. Create great digestion. High levels of enzymes with and without food . Enzymes given with food digest the food. Enzymes given without food clean the blood of undigested proteins and sugars and fats that came in through the leaky gut. 11. Replenish good bacteria in the gut with quality probiotics. 12. Create an energetically healthy environment. Focus on positive healthy thoughts, reduce or eliminate stress, practice love and gratitude, EFT tapping, meditation, mantras and work with a practitioner to replace fears with trust and faith. 13. Work with a holistic veterinarian on cancer protocols, detoxification, clearing trapped emotions and other energy modalities. Dr. Marlene Siegel | Integrated Veterinarian Pasco Veterinary Medical Center Promoting Health Care Not Broke Care • P| 813-973-2929

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