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Page 24 | Abby's Magazine - Use HRT only when necessary In the 1960s, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was the "it" anti- aging trend. It was routinely prescribed to women over a certain age to preserve youth and femininity. But in the decades since then scientists have discovered that HRT carries certain risks, from increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer to increased risk for blood clots and stroke. For example, HRT users have a 63% higher risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer than non-users. Estrogen use (with or without progesterone) is associated with a 44% increased risk for ovarian cancer. Furthermore, estrogen alone or in combination with progestogen increased the risk for stroke. Now, in and of itself, HRT is not harmful at all and may be necessary in some cases. For instance, it may be needed in the case of a menopausal woman who is very deficient in estrogen and is suffering from severe menopausal symptoms. HRT, or its more natural counterpart, bioidentical HRT (BHRT) may help in this instance. However, there is still a risk for estrogen dominance with HRT or BHRT. In cases where HRT or BHRT is used, it is best to add Myomin. Why you should Add Myomin if you are on HRT or BHRT By reducing aromatase expression, Myomin can help you avoid the unwanted effects (i.e., estrogen dominance) while on HRT or BHRT. Individuals on HRT or BHRT need to be aware of the estrogen quotient (EQ), a useful tool to determine if you are getting the right estrogen balance. As many of you know, estrogen has 3 forms: Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), and Estriol (E3). E1 and E2 are the most potent forms and have been reported to have roles in various diseases. Estriol is considered to have anti-carcinogenic properties in the presence of E1 and E2. The goal is to have more E3 than E1 and E2 combined. An EQ over 1 has been associated with lower cancer risk. If you look at the diagram below, Myomin can help you achieve a healthy EQ. Testosterone, progesterone and DHEA are eventually converted to E1, E2 and E3 through the aromatase pathway. Myomin limits the production of E1 and E2 from these hormones by blocking the aromatase enzyme. E3, on the other hand, continues to be produced unopposed. As a result, you get more E3 and less E1 and E2. At the same time, you are getting the benefits of progesterone, testosterone, etc., that you need. Case Reports Various cases have shown how effectively Myomin has reduced estrone and estradiol. In the following case, Myomin reduced estradiol in a menopausal woman, who should have a very low estrogen level but because she has breast cancer, her estrogen level is high even after mastectomy. Dr. M. Guevara, MD (California), has a 49-year-old female patient with Stage 3 estrogen-positive breast cancer. After bilateral mastectomy in October 2013, she later found that her estradiol level was high at 278. She started taking Myomin in February 2014. After about 4 months, her estradiol reduced to within normal range (see table below). Even men should be aware of their estrogen levels. In one such case, Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD (Washington), reports on a male patient with testosterone deficiency. Dr. Wright gave him daily testosterone therapy. While his testosterone did increase to 645 ng/dL, he noticed that his estradiol level also increased to 50.4 pg/mL, way in excess of normal male levels. Dr. Wright immediately added Myomin and his estradiol level reduced to a normal 13.3 pg/mL while his testosterone maintained at 640 ng/dL. There are many other clinical data supporting Myomin's benefits for balancing estrogen with or without HRT or BHRT. HRT with Myomin A Better Choice!

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