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Abby's Magazine - September / October 2014 | Page 3 ASK Abby ASK Abby Four years ago my brain scan revealed depressed activity in the temporal lobe. After consulting with you, I began taking phosphatidyl serine, ginkgo biloba, DHA, and SAMe. My son, a psychiatrist, wants me to start taking Lamictal for memory problems and current depression. I am 82 years old and prefer supplements over drugs and trust your advice. –Gloria Dear Gloria, Lamictal is an anti-epileptic drug with very serious potential side effects. If you would like to take more than you are taking, there are many safer options including: Huperzine, Lithium Orotate, Prevagen, and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Sincerely, Abby My problem is that my left thigh muscle tightens when I sit for prolonged periods of time, then becomes extremely painful when I try to rise and walk. I have an appointment with my doctor who replaced my left hip 17 years ago. Thought I would pose this question as I have only now become aware of your existence. Any help? –Paul Hi Paul, The first thing to consider is hydration and electrolytes. Typically, my clients with tight muscles add magnesium citrate (a natural muscle relaxer) to their program. Drink quality water (half your body weight in ounces daily) with added electrolytes. Be aware that coffee, black tea, sodas, and alcohol are dehydrating. When you see your doctor, have your electrolytes checked as well as vitamin D and fibrinogen levels. Stay in touch. Sincerely, Abby My 75-year-old husband has a PSA gradually increasing: 1.97 in 2010, 5.1 in 2012, and 6.65 in October 2013. He had a cystoscopy in July 2013 and the tissue looked clean. He doesn't have any nighttime symptoms. Any suggestions to keep his PSA from elevating any further? He is otherwise healthy, takes a multi-mineral daily with extra vitamin C. He is hoping to avoid unnecessary cystoscopy in the future. –Lydia Lydia, I would have your husband's doctor check the prostrate for enlargement or lumps. Also, I suggest a high sensitivity C Reactive Protein test (a biomarker for inflammation which can raise PSA). Prosta Chi along with Myomin has reduced PSA levels in many of my clients. Sincerely, Abby I am a 55-year-old male and have just gotten back to a running program. I am also doing some aerobic based circuit training with weights. My question is whether, at my age, DHEA and androgens might help in enhancing my performance or recovery from workouts? I am currently taking iodine, plus a quality whole food vitamin, magnesium, and B vitamins. The iodine has made a big difference in my energy levels, but I am wondering if increasing my testosterone levels might be of help? At 55, your DHEA and testosterone levels are most likely quite a bit lower than when you were in your 20's and 30's. Bringing levels of these hormones back to more youthful levels is likely to have a performance enhancing effect, as well as speeding recovery from your workouts. However, DHEA and androgens, including testosterone, have the potential to convert to estrogen, a hormone that can cause you great harm. Excess estrogen is related to prostate as well as other cancers. To prevent this conversion, Myomin may be taken. Myomin alone has raised testosterone levels in many of my clients. Sincerely, Abby A friend of mine was recently found to have an aneurysm near her heart and has lost her eyesight in one of her eyes due to a hemorrhage. Do you have any suggestions for supplements? –Linda Dear Linda, I highly recommend Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs). This potent anti- oxidant strengthens collagen, connective tissue, and vascular walls. Also vitamin C with bioflavonoids may help repair her tissues. Sincerely, Abby My 23-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease. After an ultrasound, her doctor advised a biopsy and/ or surgery to remove the cyst. Could the cyst be a result of hormone imbalance? If so, could progesterone cream dissolve the cyst or at least shrink it? Are there any other supplements that would help? We don't want to make a hasty decision about surgery. –Lynn Dear Lynn, Yes, cysts in breast tissue are a sign of hormone imbalance, specifically estrogen dominance. Many, many of my clients have used Myomin to get rid of their cysts. Because there is potential for progesterone to convert to estrogens, it is imperative that Myomin be taken to block this pathway. I recommend 3 Myomins after 3 meals until the cysts are no longer visible in an ultrasound. Once the cysts are gone, your daughter could reduce the Myomin to prevent future cysts. Sincerely, Abby Abby offers Free Consultations - Please call (813) 996-6999 Monday - Friday from 10 am - Noon to make your appointment Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquiries to: Did You Know? Abby's Deli uses only organic fruits and vegetables in our dishes, salad bar, smoothies and vegetable drinks. Abby's is dedicated to supporting local independent farmers & other health organizations. Abby's does not support products that contain Genetically Engineered Foods, hormones, antibiotics, artificial coloring or sweeteners.

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