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Just like you take a bath to clean yourself of dirt and waste buildup on your skin (and do so every day), you need to take an electromagne c bath as least once or twice a day by either ge ng outdoors and walking barefoot, swimming in the lake or ocean, gardening, etc.; OR use an earth-based PEMF device daily. Using an earth-based PEMF device is like taking an electro- magne c bath. It resets the body and brain BACK to the natural earth frequencies and cleanses discordant and sta c electrical buildup. A er just 8 minutes on a PEMF device that uses frequencies similar to the earth; the blood becomes cleansed of discordant energies, energized, oxygenated and returned to a healthy status. Conclusion – Back to Nature We have firmly established that earth- based PEMF is an essen al element driving life on planet earth. It is the spark, catalyst and ming mechanism that energizes and harmonizes our bodies' near- infinite processes. We are all suffering to some extent from magne c deficiency syndrome along with overexposure to dirty electricity and unless we supplement our daily lives with an earth inspired PEMF therapy mat or some form of magne c therapy, our health will only decline. The two-fold problem is simply that we do not get enough of the good earth PEMFs, and we get too much of the bad electrosmog and harmful EMFs. Focusing on the Benefits of PEMF Therapy The mind is a POWERFUL thing, and instead of focusing on how PEMF therapy helps specific diseases, let's instead focus on the benefits. It's be er to stay posi ve and trust your body can heal itself, than to affirm you have a disease that needs trea ng. Start trus ng your body's innate ability to heal itself and give yourself the right elements (healthy food, clean and energized water, fresh air, sunlight, and earth PEMF). PEMF therapy enhances absorp on, circula on, and assimila on of the necessary elements of life while promo ng the body's ability to make energy. We need to shi our mind from seeing health as an absence of disease and start viewing health as an open-ended journey into greater level of strength and energy. Health is about thriving, not just surviving. Here are the Top 8 Benefits PEMF therapy will give YOU and keep these benefits in your mind every me you do a PEMF therapy session. All you need is 8 minutes, 2 mes daily on an earth-based PEMF therapy device to tap into the amazing benefits below: 1. Stronger Bones 2. Endorphins and Pain Relief 3. Be er Sleep and HGH secre on 4. More Energy ATP 5. Be er Oxygena on and Circula on 6. Improved Immunity 7. Relaxa on & Stress Reduc on 8. Nerve and Tissue Regenera on Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 2| Page 47

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