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There can be unhealthy levels of electropora on that degrade the cell membrane, but as we have men oned, healthy human cells can handle tremendous levels of energy to the tune of 10 million volts/meter. Earth-based PEMF therapy gently and healthfully increases electropora on in the cells, allowing for be er transport of oxygen, nutrients, and water into the cells, along with easier removal of waste products, carbon dioxide, and toxins out of the cells. Think of electropora on like opening all the windows and doors to air out a house. If your house is filled with odors, chemicals, and toxins, opening all your doors and windows will allow the toxic gases to leave and oxygen and fresh air to enter. This is exactly what PEMF therapy can do at the cellular level, opening up your cells to receive more nutrients and oxygen, and more effec vely remove waste products. Conclusion In summary, energy is stored in the body at the cellular level in two ways, ATP and TMP. If you have a lot of back up energy, you will always remain healthy. To create ATP, you need oxygen, glucose and nutrients delivered effec vely to the mitochondria. PEMF therapy enhances and improves the uptake, binding and absorp on of oxygen, allows nutrients to be assimilated and delivered be er, Earth-based PEMF also enhances your water- based blood and lymph so it has an ideal pH, voltage, lower surface tension (viscosity), which enhances microcircula on so that essen al minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fa y acids, nutrients, water and oxygen are delivered to cells, and absorbed by the cells. This gives cells all they need to create energy, mainly in the form of ATP and TMP (the cells two ba eries). PEMF then assists in the removal of waste products like Carbon, free radicals, heavy metals, toxins, and other metabolic by-products. Electrophoresis makes cells more porous, further improving nutrient absorp on and waste removal. The Krebs cycle requires oxygen, glucose, and other essen al nutrients to produce energy so if these ingredients aren't delivered and absorbed into the cell at an op mal rate, then energy declines and you end up in anaerobic respira on (the lac c acid cycle), which delivers only 2 molecules of ATP, compared to 38 given by aerobic respira on, it's like ge ng 38 miles per gallon (mpg) compared to only 2 mpg. Also, PEMF therapy can charge the trans-membrane poten al (TMP) without having to use up precious ATP. NOW you can see why earth-based PEMF is literally a whole body ba ery recharger, capable of energizing and "charging up" your 100 trillion cells with energy and life! Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 2| Page 45 We tend to look at science as an absolute truth, a story already written. In reality, science is more like a story told in installments, and each new chapter refines, subsumes or completely revises the previous. QUANTUM FIELD THEORY has completely rewritten the book of science at the most fundamental level. However, modern biology and medicine continue to reference from an outdated book based on Newtonian science. Our health is treated as though we are biological machines that can be fixed mechanically. We are treated pharmacologically with harmful chemicals and toxic vaccines that at best suppress symptoms with varying degrees of side effects. The Book of Science is Constantly Being Rewritten We need to move forward into the exciting science of energy medicine (specifically PEMF therapy) with an empowering attitude of taking responsibility for our own health.

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