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The earth's natural PEMF and earth-inspired PEMF devices increase cellular voltage and improve pH levels keeping your body in a balanced, and slightly alkaline state. 5. PEMF Improves Oxygen Uptake and Assimilation into Cells Oxygen is the most essen al element of life, considering we can live only a few minutes without it. The main role of oxygen is ac ng as the final electron acceptor in the crea on of ATP in the mitochondria. Oxygen's main purpose then is to create energy in our bodies! Here is the kicker, if you are lacking sufficient oxygen, your cells will revert to what is called the fermenta on cycle, Lac c acid cycle or anaerobic respira on cycle (all three are synonymous). This means ATP is created without oxygen with lac c acid a by-product. That is why you get cramps in marathons and endurance events and why you can proverbially "hit the wall" at a certain point, because your body is not delivering oxygen fast enough to the mitochondria to make ATP. When using the anaerobic pathway, only 2 molecules of ATP are produced with lac c acid as a by-product. That's a big double whammy. Less energy and a more acidic body! The two always go hand in hand. It's not possible to have highly energized cells and an acidic body. Again, that's because pH is indirectly a measurement of voltage. Cellular voltage and pH are married in either sickness or in health. And oxygen is a vital key to shi ing gears to more energy and voltage because when oxygen is present in healthy amounts in the mitochondria, your cells produce ATP via aerobic respira on. As we have men oned, aerobic respira on yields 38 molecules of ATP versus only 2 for anaerobic PLUS aerobic respira on has no acidifying lac c acid. The only by- products of aerobic respira on are water and carbon dioxide. Also, maintaining a healthy TMP (trans-membrane poten al) is key to allowing oxygen to be delivered into the cells. Another important point is that water itself dissolves and holds more oxygen when it's at a higher voltage. When oxygen drops the cells are forced to anaerobic respira on which yields only 2 ATP compared to 38 ATP. Your 100 trillion cells struggle with so li le energy, manifes ng infec on, waste buildup, toxicity, sickness, and disease. Most bacteria and parasites are anaerobic, ha ng oxygen. So low oxygen allows bugs to wake up and begin feeding on us. Remember the terrain is key. Having an op mal level of oxygen is one of the most important components for a healthy terrain, a healthy body, and a strong, and healthy bio-energy field. 6. Lowers Blood Viscosity Improving Circulation and Microcirculation The photograph in the 1st slide of figures uses live blood microscopy to depict a sample of "stressed" blood exhibi ng the Rouleau effect, which is when red blood cells clump together, stacked like coins. This effect reduces the overall surface area of hemoglobin making it difficult for freshly breathed in oxygen to find a home. The Rouleau effects further inhibits proper oxygena on to the cells because the red blood cells do not circulate well enough to deliver oxygen where it is needed. This is because the capillaries in your body are so ny that red blood cells can only pass through one at a me in a single file line. AND, it's in the capillaries where nutrients and oxygen are transferred to your cells. Slide 1: Working on computer Slide 2: A er 8 min. of PEMF therapy PEMF increases Cellular Voltage and Reverses the Rouleau Effect. There is a simple explana on why the Rouleau effect occurs, it's related to voltage. When your cellular voltage is low, the posi ve charge on the outside of the cell is diminished to allow the cells to s ck together and stack like coins. Healthy cells, have a strong posi ve charge on the outside of the cells, and by simple electrosta cs, will repel each other. Remember like charges repel. There is no way you can have clumping cells if your cellular voltage is strong. Its straigh orward physics! The 2nd slide shows the same blood a er a single 8-minute session with a popular PEMF device that uses the earth's natural frequencies. No ce that by simply charging up the cells with an earth-based PEMF device, we quickly improve the health of our red blood cells and assists in be er oxygena ng our cells. 7. Creates a Healthy Level of Electroporation Electropora on is simply a process of making cells more porous or open allowing a be er intake of nutrients, water and oxygen into the cells, and removal of toxins and wastes out of the cells. Imagine a cell as a solid ball; electropora on would be analogous making the cell more like a waffle-ball. Page 44 | Abby's Magazine -

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