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2. PEMF Increases ATP Production in the Mitochondria Inside each of your 100 trillion cells are 200-300 mitochondria (20-30 quadrillion total in the body). These amazing li le organelles turn the food you eat into electrical energy! That is, they convert glucose and fa y acids into high-energy electrons that are stored in ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The mitochondria are truly strange, yet vital for life. They exist as independent cells with their own circular DNA (not helical like your cells' DNA). Electrons are manufactured in the body as ATP. When a high- energy phosphate bond is broken and transformed to ADP, the breakage of that bond releases an electron in a high-energy state. That electron is the ESSENCE of the energy that drives biological processes. It is THAT energy from the high energy phosphate bonds in ATP that drives and fuels living processes like immunity, reproduc on, respira on, locomo on, organ func on, assimila on, circula on, etc. (along with the TMP). 3. PEMF Enhances the Sodium-Potassium Pump The earth's natural PEMFs enhance the sodium-potassium pump, which is related to charging up the cells' TMP or trans-membrane poten al. This leaves cells with a net posi ve charge on the outside and a nega ve charge on the inside. This pump is so essen al that well over 50% of the ATP produced in the cells is used to fuel this pump! Within the cell membrane the sodium-potassium pump forces a ra o of 3 sodium ions out of the cell for every 2 potassium ions in, for proper metabolism and cellular func oning. This is the pump that drives the absorp on and assimila on of essen al nutrients and, also, the removal metabolic waste products and other unwanted compounds (heavy metals, chemicals, free radicals, etc.). This pump also assists in maintaining healthy cellular voltage or TMP. Because 3 sodium ions are pumped out versus 2 potassium pumped in, there is a net posi ve charge on the outside of the cell crea ng a voltage across the cell membrane that can store energy. An impaired sodium-potassium pump results in edema and a tendency towards fermenta on (anaerobic respira on) as well as diminished ATP produc on. Studies have shown when sodium potassium exchange is restored, pain reduc on, increased wound healing, and bones heal faster as a result. The earth's natural PEMF's energize cells (TMP), improve func on of the sodium potassium pump and increase aerobic respira on for maximum ATP produc on and energy. By directly increasing ion transport, ATP can be conserved for increased energy, healing repair and other cellular func ons. 4. PEMF Increases Cellular pH Alkalizing the Body and Cells The human body operates with a narrow pH range of 7.25 – 7.35, doing whatever it takes to stay in this range as our life depends on it. Just as we need a constant body temperature, glucose level, blood pressure, etc., we require a stable, healthy pH level. A pH or poten al hydrogen is a measurement using a logarithmic scale, which indicates the level of hydrogen in a substance. A pH of 7 is neutral. Below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. For example, so drinks like Coca-Cola or Pepsi can have a pH as low as 3. Now 3 compared to 7 may not seem like a big difference, but because the pH scale is logarithmic, or exponen al, a pH of 3 is 10,000 mes more acidic than a neutral of pH of 7. One of the main reasons people are so unhealthy is because their bodies are too acidic. So drinks, coffee, alcohol, fast food, junk foods, sugar, as well as fired foods are acidic. Most fruits, vegetables, seeds, certain grains, and healthful food tend to be alkaline. They key is ea ng a naturally based diet and avoiding sodas, as well as acid foods as much as possible. Also drinking alkaline, ionized water is helpful. Proper body pH is a cri cally important factor in good health. Your body takes calcium (an alkalizing mineral) from your bones to maintain a constant pH if your body is too acidic, which increases the risk of osteoporosis. Dr. O o Warburg, also noted that when cells operate at a low pH, they lean towards disease and cancer, along with a low cellular voltage. This is because voltage and pH are related. An alkaline environment has a surplus of electrons. An acidic environment has a lack of electrons. All diseases occur from an acidic environment, so disease occurs when your voltage is low. You must have electrons available to do work or your cells will die. To measure the pH of a solu on requires a sophis cated voltmeter, so pH is literally a measure of the voltage in the cells. Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 2| Page 43

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