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The human body as well as the universe, is primarily a holographic field of energy, informa on, and consciousness and secondarily physical and material. The energy field of your body extends outwards up to 15 feet (measurable by science) and operates primarily at frequencies matching the earth (0-30 Hz). Health is an energy dance, the more you have, the be er you'll feel, providing the energy is harmonious and beneficial to the body. The health of your body is dependent upon the health of your cells, as all your organs and ssues are composed of them. Our 100 trillion cells intelligently communicate with each other at faster than light speeds crea ng some 400 billion reac ons every second involving over 100,000 biomolecules. Newtonian- based physics and biology are le speechless a emp ng to explain this complexity. This amazing intelligence residing in the body knows how to heal itself; it only requires the essen al elements food, water, sunlight, oxygen as well as sleep, exercise, and the earth's PEMFs. These miraculous cellular pumps allow the good stuff to enter the cells needed for energy produc on (oxygen, and about 90 substances, like enzymes, glucose, and nutrients), while removing waste products that arise from metabolism, infec on, and toxicity (CO², heavy metals, and other waste products). The pumps require energy, namely ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and TMP or transmembrane poten al. These are the two primary ways the body stores energy at the cellular level. The TMP is the voltage across the cell membrane and ATP is the main form of energy the cells use, like a rechargeable ba ery. Life is Driven by Electrons Simply put, electrons are vortexes of energy possessing the ability to do work. They resemble complex miniature magnets. Within quantum theory, electrons exhibit a paradoxical par cle- wave duality and can emerge spontaneously from the zero-point energy field. Electrons are the essence of the energy driving biological processes at the cellular level. The body requires excited state electrons to fuel the myriad of processes life demands. These excited electrons are the prize crea on of the Krebs cycle that generates ATP. ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate has a high-energy phosphate bond that when broken releases electrons in a high energy state. Electrons ARE the electricity and igni on driving life (oxygen = combus on, food = fuel, electrons/voltage = igni on) providing the body with energy for metabolism. PEMF The Whole-Body Battery Recharger Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 2| Page 41

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