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Other ISTA protocols that are currently under review for technical changes are listed below along with some of the proposed changes for each protocol. Please bear in mind that each protocol is in process and therefore, the proposed changes stated below could be amended prior to publication. Addition of a leak test for liquid products. ISTA 3A Additional test sequences specific for TV's. More test equipment options for clamping. Minimum clamp force increased. ISTA Elimination of top load weight for over the road vibration. ISTA Boxing Horizontal impact speed and pulse duration updated. ISTA 3H Enhancements to the concentrated impact sequence to improve efficacy of the test. ISTA 3B Additional efforts are being put forth to develop new testing protocols as well as individual testing elements. Below are some of those initiatives. Capture the hazards found during global movement of goods within an intermodal container. Intermodal Test Protocol Establish a means of determining the number of shipments a packaged-product can withstand. Reusability Test Protocol Develop enhanced laboratory method(s) to challenge the stability of unitized loads. Load Stability Test Element Testing to account forces exerted onto focused area of freight due to load restraining practices within a trailer such as strapping or air bag dunnage. Concentrated Loading Test Element Some other noteworthy items that were accomplished by the Technical Division 2017 were the development of Data Collection Standards (DCS) to provide guidance on how best to collect field data for the common distribution hazards, organizational improvements to enable broader range of input and drafting an enhanced lab certification process. The Technical Division is looking forward to a productive 2018 with these items on the horizon: • Development of an Online Test Platform that will revolutionize interaction with ISTA's test protocols • Greater insights and tools will be shared on eCommerce • Deeper collaboration with the Advocate Research & Value Delivery Program • Establishing Data Analysis Standards (DAS) to provide guidance on how best to analyze field data once collected • Expanding Tools for thermal protective packaging These items are done with the goal of providing a greater benefit to you, ISTA's membership, but none of this could have been accomplished without the efforts of ISTA's volunteer members. To continue developing tools that benefit not only your organization but the Packaging Industry, consider getting involved and sharing your expertise. Leveraging the community is the only way to keep up with the rapidly changing supply chain so stay connected and get involved! I'm proud of the work that was accomplished in 2017 and through greater industry collaboration, I'm looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Advance your knowledge and validate your expertise by participating in CPLP and RPbD training and certification events to be held on March 19-20 prior to ISTA's TransPack and TempPack Forums in San Diego, California! Build Your Skills. Get Certified. Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) Responsible Packaging by Design (RPbD) 15 ista views • December 2017/January 2018 •

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