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18 ista views • October 2016 • international pallet sizes and the 800X1200 mm Euro pallet size is a poor fit to the ISO series 1 freight containers. ISO should take the lead through liaison activities between its technical committees, to harmonize the standards representing the components of global supply chains. ISO should endorse a single pallet size for global product movement. Summary Most all supply chains for the movement of consumer or industrial products are all or in part unitized. They are operating with significant avoidable cost because the supply chains are designed, one component at a time, by independent designers, focused on cost reduction of the packaging, pallets, and machinery used to store and transport the product. This has led to wasted natural, human, and financial resources. A fundamental shift for the current component design approach to a systems based design process that considers how the components in the supply chain, mechanically interact during shipping and storage, can improve supply chain performance significantly. This issue crosses international geographic and socio-economic boundaries. Supply chain operations affect human health and safety. The transition from component to systems design must necessarily begin with an International Forum sponsored by such international organizations as the United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), driven by initiatives from the public and private sector. This transition will be evolutionary, so it should begin now. ISTA can lead the way. References Han Jonkoo, M. White, and P. Hamner, 2007, "Development of a Finite Element Model of Pallet Deformation and Compressive Stresses on Packaging Within Pallet Loads", Journal of Applied Packaging Research, Vol 1, Number 5, March. Weigel T. G. and M. S. White, 1999, "The Effect of Pallet Connection Stiffness, Deck Stiffness, and Static Load level on the Resonant Response of Pallet Deck Vibration Frequencies Occurring in the Distribution Environment", Packaging technology and Science (12): 47-55. White M. S., 2015, "The Effect of Pallet Deck Design on Packaging Compression" ISTA TransPack Forum, Orlando, Florida, April 7, 2015 Evaluate and Certify Package Product Performance Services I.S.T.A. (all projects), ASTM, NMFC, U.N./D.O.T Hazmat), GSA, Fed & Mil Spec Testing Products up to 8000 lbs. tested N Vibration N Impact shock N Compression N Material analysis/testing N Environmental Conditioning EASTERN FACILITY * ( 513 ) 870-0080 Fax: (513) 870-0017 Email: 4090 Thunderbird Lane, Fairfield, OH 45014 gh Package and Product Testing and Consulting, Inc. ® Engineers & Technicians have been IATA trained and tested ISO 17025 accredited* WESTERN FACILITY ( 623 ) 869-8008 Fax: (623) 869-8003 Email: info 335 W. Melinda Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027 Fully accredited to ISTA Standard 20/7E Systems Based Design of Global Supply Chains > CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17

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