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Page 31 of 55 KyolicUSA Manufactured by: Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd. 23501 Madero Mission Viejo, CA 92691-2744 • USA 949.855.2776 • 800.421.2998 • Fax 949.458.2764 • Probiotic Supplement • Promotes Healthy Intestinal Function • A Blend of Nine Probiotics • Intestinal Balance & Immune Support • GMP Certified Kyo-Dophilus 9 is formulated with three Lactobacilli strains and six Bifidobacterium strains. This unique blend of nine probiotics contains specially cultured human strains of friendly bacteria that are carefully processed to retain viability at room temperature, insuring an adequate number of cells for colonization in the intestines. Kyo-Dophilus 9 helps maintain balanced intestinal flora and promote healthy intestinal and immune function. ON SALE NOW! 25% off till Dec 31st Beware: Saunas Can Generate Very High Levels of Electromagnetic Radiation While some still favor old-fashioned wood-burning saunas, the more modern electrical versions and the infrared saunas are the most common today. Unfortunately, this has also led to some problems, namely high electromagnetic radiation. Is Your Infrared Sauna Emitting High Levels of EMF? You can easily test this by using an inexpensive electrical meter, or a more sophisticated EMF meter like Trifield. Many people use saunas for detoxification, and it would clearly seem counterproductive to employ a device that is aiding one aspect of their health while hurting them in another. In fact, depending on your specific health status, detoxing in a high-EMF environment might actually do you more harm than good. The issue of EMF's is finally being addressed— at least by one sauna company. Clearly, if you're in the market for a new sauna, this is definitely something you'll want to investigate, to make sure your sauna does not encase you in a high-EMF environment... Saunas Can Burn Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Body

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