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Page 38 | Abby's Magazine - looking for a healthier diet, the popularity of organic foods is growing. Just look at the grocery sections in supermarkets and you will see more organic offerings now than ever before. And this is BAD news for Monsanto who will just pour more money into false advertising campaigns against organic food. What's the big deal with Organic and NON-GMO foods? Seems that people get so crazed over these things while a lot of people get by just fine ignoring it altogether. Is it really a big deal if you eat Organic/Non- GMO or not? What's the big driving factor behind it? Any medical findings? One of the biggest issues with GMO is that there is no reputable evidence to prove or disprove the dangers of GMO and there is no reputable evidence to prove that GMO seed is safe because Mosanto (and other GMO companies) absolutely refuse to allow their product to be tested by neutral, independent third-party labs to truly evaluate the safety of the product. Personally, this makes me wonder what they are hiding. As for the driving factor behind the pro-GMO/ Anti-GMO campaigns and the Pro-organic.anti- organic camps, look no further than Monsanto and the other GMO companies who see organics as their biggest foe. Since Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and the other GMO giants have significantly more money than the organic farmers, they have no problem paying people off to write reports which are designed to sway the public to their side regardless of truth. As a matter of fact, Monsanto has a history of intentionally misleading people. Just Google "monsanto misleading advertising" and you can see this trend. I would not be the least bit surprised if more and more evidence comes out in the next decade or two proving that GMO foods are not as safe as Monsanto claims they are. I do not think that it is a coincidence that there has been a spike in children born with autism and spike in cancer which seems to coincide with the introduction and proliferation of GMO foods. Since this is not as big a secret as it used to be and since more and more people are

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