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Q: With dual citizenship, born in the U. S. and raised on Tortolla, British Virgin Islands……..what is the biggest difference you have noticed between the two cultures? Americans are a lot more sensitive and stressed about their jobs. In Tortolla, BVI we have "thicker skin" and relax more. Q: What is your fondest memory of growing up in the BVI? Summers growing up we would build bikes out of old non-working bike parts…and then race them to the beach and stay there most of the day. By the end of the summer our hair would be orange and we would ride our bikes OFF the pier……then start the routine all over again the next summer! Q: What brought you back to the U. S. and where have you lived? When I decided to join the Guard the only opening in St. Thomas was the Military Police and I didn't want to be one of those. I moved to Kansas and joined the National Guard where they had better military jobs. I've lived in Kansas (8 mos), Texas (1 mo), Georgia (4 mos), Missouri (6 mos) and Tampa, Fl (3 ½ years) Q: Where did you enjoy living the most? I enjoyed living in the BVI the most….it is paradise after all! I prefer living in the U. S. for now at least and I really don't know why. Q: What was involved in your decision to join the National Guard? I knew I wanted to be in the armed forces because I was tired of college and I knew I needed a push to mature. Q: Who would you say has had the most influence in your life as to who you are today? Easily my mother. Toughest person I know. Q: How did you end up working for Abby's Health and Nutrition? My girlfriend (at the time) saw an opening on craigslist and thought I would be perfect. So I applied and Abby's Employee Interview Dervyn J. Amory Profile Dervyn Jevhaun Amory DOB: July 14, 1991 Birth place: Fort Lauderdale, FL Favorite Food: Oxtail with brown rice and kidney beans and Macaroni Pie Favorite Music: Anything from the 90's Your Hero: My Mother Page 34| Abby's Magazine -

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