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Abby's Magazine - July/August 2015 | Page 43 Need relief from Digestive Disorders? Back Pain? Migraines? Lower Back Pain • Neck Pain Migraines • Digestive Disorders • Allergies Carpal Tunnel • Sciatica • Asthma • Ear Infections 813-882-8181 $35 includes exam, consult and full set of x-rays 5015 W. Waters Ave. • Tampa, Fl. 33634 Our no risk policy. The patient or other person responsible for payment has the right to cancel payment, be reimbursed for any service, exam treatment which is performed as a result of, within 72 hours of responding to special offer. Is High Cholesterol Related to Heart Attack? Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 PH. 813-882-8181 Doctors are finally having second thoughts about cholesterol's role in heart disease according to Dr. David Williams. Cholesterol-lowering drugs have failed to make a dent in heart attack rates. And not one study has been able to show that these drugs do anything to lengthen a person's lifespan. Yet, 20% of all Americans over 55 currently take a cholesterol drug and most M.D.s believe more people should be on them. Prescriptions for the cholesterol lowering drugs Zetia and Vytorin are written for almost 800,000 Americans every week, at a cost per year of about $4 billion according to the New York Times. Zetia has not been proven to prevent heart attacks according to Alex Berenson with the New York Times. e Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2002 on a basis of trials that showed it could lower LDL or bad cholesterol by only 15%. According to the latest research, the real culprit is inflammation in the arteries, not a cholesterol problem. Finally, the American Heart Association is beginning to agree. ey've found that people with heart disease all have one factor in common, and it isn't high cholesterol. It is inflammation in their arteries. So how do we get rid of inflammation in the arteries? ere are two ways to get rid of inflammation in the arteries, first we have to remove sugar from our diet. Sugar is a big part of inflammation in the body, that includes rice, pasta, breads, certain fruits, beverages high in sugar, and almost all desserts and snacks. Removing sugar from your diet for 60 days will dramatically reduce inflammation in your arteries and body. e second way to remove inflammation is to make sure there is no stress or interference to your nervous system. According to research done by the International Chiropractic Association, stress to the nervous system increases inflammation in your body. Chiropractors now have diagnostic equipment that helps determine the levels of inflammation and stress to the nervous system called ermography. is test will give you the exact location of what nerve has stress, which gives the Chiropractor a complete understanding of what needs to be done to correct the problem in the body. e bottom line: Get to the cause of heart disease by reducing inflammation in your body with nutrition changes and Chiropractic treatment.

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