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Page 10 | Abby's Magazine | Collin Gow, C.N.C. is a certified nutritional consultant who has been working in the fields of health and nutrition for 12 years and researching for over 20 years. Collin is currently employed at Abby's Health and Nutrition consulting and educating in the Tampa Bay area. Question: I was wondering about an adrenal support supplement. I did take that when I worked with Abby. I am wondering if there are some supplements that are better than others? Collin would say: Do you want energy or stress relief from your adrenal supplement? If you want energy, Terry Naturally Adrenaplex or Himalaya Hello Energy are good adrenal supplements. If you want relaxation, Gaia Adrenal Health Nightly Restore would be good. Jarrow Adrenal Optimizer would be somewhere in the middle. Be well. Question: "What's the best zinc?" Collin would say: At Abby's each nutrition employee may have a different recommendation, however, most of us like either the whole food zinc products such as Megafood, New Chapter, NutriGold, or Garden of Life or the amino acid chelated zincs such as Emerald zinc bisglycinate, Natural Factors zinc chelate, or Solaray Optizinc. It is best to choose something below 30mg per pill and take it with food to avoid its potential to cause nausea in high doses. Q & A with Collin Gow, C. N. C. Q & A with Collin Gow, C. N. C. Question: I had a hernia repair surgery with mesh. What can I take to help heal? Collin would say: You could try Terra Origin Healthy Gut and Vital Proteins Collagen. That will give you most of what you need for that but talk to your doctor before making any changes. Question: Do you have any vegan pre-workouts? I'm looking for extra energy before going to the gym. Thank you. Collin would say: Yes, we have a number of them. MRM ORGANIC PRE-WORKOUT, VEGA SPORT PREMIUM ENERGIZER, and GARDEN OF LIFE SPORT ORGANIC PLANT-BASED ENERGY + FOCUS are all certified vegan. Enjoy. Question: Why shouldn't I take the vaccine? Collin would say: A better question to ask is "Why should I take the vaccine?" Covid has a 99.98% survival rate for ages 20-49, you cannot legally sue vaccine manufacturers if you are harmed due to them having indemnity, getting vaccinated lowers your natural antibodies 5-6 fold, you are at an increased risk of getting the flu after getting vaccinated, hundreds of thousands of adverse events to Covid vaccines have been reported to VAERS, natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity, more people have been vaccinated now than ever yet Covid cases are at their highest yet, multiple doctors and researchers have found strange nanomaterials in the vaccines upon examination under microscope that appear to be graphene oxide and/or metallic nanoparticles, vitamin D alone decreases the risk of entering the ICU with Covid by 96%, zinc, iodine, saline, NAC, and cat's claw have already been shown in studies to be beneficial for Covid-19 and/or the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes Covid-19, thousands of other natural medicines inhibit viral replication, and you still have to wear a mask in many places even if you're vaccinated... So, you tell me...Why should you take it? Question: Hi. I was told to get zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, NAC, glutathione, and quercetin for the immune system. Is that a pretty good daily regimen? Collin would say: Hi Anonymous. Yes, that is a good regimen and what most holistic doctors are recommending these days. However, just so you know, NAC is like glutathione because it is a precursor to glutathione. Your body uses NAC to make glutathione. However, selenium, molybdenum, glutamine, and b-vitamins are also necessary to help your body create glutathione and/or make the conversion from NAC into glutathione. So, it wouldn't hurt to take both, just in case your body doesn't do a good job converting it. Even if it doesn't convert it perfectly, you will still get other benefits from NAC. Take a multivitamin daily that contains selenium, b-vitamins, and molybdenum if you want to aid in NAC's conversion. It does not need to be taken at the same time as the NAC. Make a great day. Disclaimer: Certain items are excluded from the Abby's Healthy Bucks loyalty program including: Alcohol, Chi products, Chantilly products, BioActive and perishable items like milk, eggs & other dairy items. For your protection, Abby's Health and Nutrition reserves the right to ask for valid I.D. in order to apply Abby's Healthy Bucks towards a purchase. Charities are chosen and approved by Abby's Health and Nutrition. Abby's Health and Nutrition reserves the right to terminate the Abby's Healthy Bucks loyalty program at any time. Abby's Healthy Bucks can be redeemed in conjunction with other applicable discounts and/or manufacturer coupon. V.I.P discounts are no longer valid as of November 1, 2019. Abby's Healthy Bucks allows customers to earn loyalty points in every department, not just certain items in the Vitamin/Supplement department. Current employees and past employees are not eligible to participate in the Abby's Healthy Bucks rewards program. Join the FREE Abby 's Healthy Bucks Reward Program and earn loyalty points for every dollar spent! Receive points for every dollar spent in the store. Points convert to Healthy Bucks (dollars) and when you reach $10 or more, you are able to apply your points towards your purchase. You may also save your Healthy Bucks or donate them to Abby's Organic Community Farm. Healthy Bucks never expire. WANT TO SAVE EVEN MORE? Text ABBYS to 58838 to receive exclusive discounts and offers to your phone. You will receive an instant prompt for 10% OFF any one future purchase! Opt-in and receive $10 OFF on your birthday. To register, visit us in-store and see an associate. HAPPY SAVING!

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