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Page 14 of 31 | # 51| Page 15 IS THERE A WISER WAY TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM? A strong immune system might be your number one wellness goal these days—not just when you have sniffles, but all year round. Consumer trends [link to https:// organic-natural/top-natural-products- industry-trends-and-2022-predictions] show you're not alone—proactive immune system support is a hot topic for many. You want your immune system to be ready every day (because it never gets a day off). But you might be scratching your head... Elderberry? Zinc? Vitamin D? What can you take daily? And what's with all the "boosting?" TO BOOST OR NOT TO BOOST? Boosting your immune system can be useful in an acute challenge. Things like elderberry are good options—but you might want to store them in your cupboard until you really need them, because constant boosting may lead to imbalances. So, what can you do to boost with balance? Fortunately, Mother Nature has daily options to strengthen your immune system while also creating balance for the long term. A WISER WAY: BOOST WITH A BALANCE For a holistic, long-term approach to immune wellness, For The Biome has developed a 3-part solution that reflects the interconnectedness of your body, mind, and gut microbiome. If you haven't yet heard, For The Biome [https://] is a new company founded by Paul Schulick, former CEO and founder of the renowned New Chapter brand. Drawing on 40- plus years of expertise, Paul's new offerings embody his same rigorous purity and sourcing standards, formulation mastery, and proven results loved by millions. Rather than "boosting," For The Biome's formulas promote a "wiser immune system" by strengthening AND balancing the immune system, awakening the connections between the gut, lungs, and brain, and soothing the nervous system.*

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