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Page 12 | Abby's Magazine | How amazing is it that our body's have so many different systems that altogether create a healthy figure? How incredible is it that our body has this intelligence with a huge memory, always ready to constantly adapt and take on any challenges? Our body has this beautiful capability to keep us consistently safe from all harm, internally and externally. Externally we are exposed every day to billions of different bacteria and viruses. Yet, our body has a very diligent system that is consistently working extra hard to protect ourselves. This system is called our immune system. Our immune system protects your body from outside invaders. Our entire life we have been told to take different medications to suppress our symptoms when we are sick. If we have a fever we take a Tylenol, if we have a headache, we take Advil, if we have a stomachache we take tums, etc. I would like to shift your thinking for a second and allow you to notice that your body expressing these signs or symptoms is your body expressing health, not sickness. I know what you're thinking, how could feeling fatigue and low energy due to a fever indicate health if you don't feel good? The indication of a fever really means that your body is heating up to burn off a foreign invader that crossed the border to get into your system. It uses all your energy on removing this foreign invader from your body. The fact that your body has this superpower indicates you are a very healthy human being. Therefore, a fever does reflect health. Let's connect the dots. We know our body is made up of so many systems to keep us strong and intelligent. Sometimes those systems cross each other and work together to make a powerful duo. Your nervous system works with your immune system hand in hand. Your nervous system is a system where your brain, spinal column, and organs work together to send messages and signals to each other. It's one big communication unit. From your brain, you go down your spinal Our Body and its Innate Intelligence

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