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22 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #61 WOG GARAGE WOG GARAGE WOG GARAGE WOG GARAGE TOOL CHECKLIST ❑ Quality wrenches: standard sizes, a 10-mm for battery connections. Allen wrenches, both standard and metric. A 5-mm will be used on calipers. Long shank ball Allens for hard to get into places, standard Allen bits, torque bits. T-Handle Allens. ❑ A strap wrench for the oil filter to avoid the cam position sensor. ❑ A tire gauge and inflator ❑ Blowgun ❑ An assortment of extensions with standard ends and wobble ends; this helps you get into tight areas. ❑ Tie wraps, longs, shorts. If you happen to remove any specialty style, whether they be double loop or frame strap style, always buy replacements and tie where you cut them free. ❑ Small style metric wrenches. A few large style deep sockets for clutch and primary areas. ❑ Spark plug socket. A regular 12-point socket. You want a good assortment of standard sockets, 12-point and 6-point, a belt tension gauge, and a metal scale for primary chain adjustment. ❑ Injector tool for pushing brake fluid. ❑ Torque wrenches in both foot-pounds and inch-pounds. A palm ratchet for fork tube caps, an assortment of ratchets. ❑ Mityvac tool for drawing fuel ❑ A magnet to retrieve anything you drop. ❑ Needle nose, straight mechanic, and retaining clip pliers. A set of plastic pinch pliers for fuel lines. Locking pliers that you can grab stripped bolts with. A straight punch and a 90° pick. ❑ Clean towels. Paper towels on glass surfaces. Disposable shop towels for basic maintenance. Hand wipes are good for keeping fluids off your hands during service. ❑ Paper, a magic marker, and pens. Make notes of how you take things apart so you can put them back together the same way. ❑ Wheel seal tool used on older packed wheel bearings ❑ Set of screwdrivers, Phillips and straight. Also, a hand impact driver in case you have a tight screw. ❑ Voltmeter for testing the charging system ❑ Hand file for roughening the edges of brake pads ❑ Hammers. Always use soft hammers. You shouldn't really need anything too large. RECOMMENDED TOOLS & PRODUCTS BAGGER NATION MINI MONKEY ENGINE GUARD ( TOURING MODELS ) $229.95 USD Bagger Nations New Mini Monkey Engine Guard features a chopped, low-profile stance with just enough rake to create a bada**, menacing attitude on any 09 to present Harley Davidson touring model! The Mini Monkey Engine Guard perfectly complements our world-famous Original Monkey Handlebars. Each handcrafted Mini Monkey Guard is constructed from 316 Seamless Stainless steel and TIG welded to assure a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment. Choose from Polished, Brushed Satin, or Gloss Black powder coat finishes. The Mini Monkey Engine Guard is a direct bolt-on product on most touring models*. All needed hardware and installation instructions are provided. Coming Soon… Mini Monkey Engine Guards for M8 Softails! SWOOP SADDLEBAGS INCLUDES BUILT - IN SKID BLOCKS ( 2014 - PRESENT TOURING ) $1,199.95 USD The Bagger Nation Swoop Saddlebags have been the highest quality aftermarket saddle- bags in the industry… Till now! No expense has been spared designing the original Swoop Saddlebag. And the redesign was no exception. These NEW Swoop Saddlebags have the same durable construction, but we have added a beautiful new swoop to the rear of the bag without that weird taper at the bottom. This new design adds great style and you also pick-up a little extra bag capacity. But wait… There's More! If redesigning it already beautiful wasn't enough, then, he integrated skid blocks right into the bag! That's right, the new Bagger Nation Swoop Saddlebags not only come with skid blocks, but they are also BUILT IN! This innovative idea incorporates a thick billet skid block that IS the outside corner of the bag. Paint it, Chrome it, heck… dip it in gold if you want. The Skid Blocks are now an acces- sory! Can't wait to see what you do with this new option! What sets Bagger Nation apart is that they only manufacture high-quality, dura- ble composites by Arizona craftsmen right here in the USA. Bagger Nation makes the world's finest body parts for your Harley… PERIOD! SHARKNADO® FAIRING $995.00 USD Paul Yaffe's designs have been turning heads for over 30 years. The Sharknado® Fairing is no exception. Its distinctive design and aggressive stance make it the freshest bolt-on fairing on the road! This unique, aggressively styled fairing can be adapted to just about any Harley-Davidson® model utilizing the patented Sharknado® EZ mount system. This integral mounting system makes simple bolt-on

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