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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 3 | 13 BIKER HUMOR MEAN DOG & LITTLE UGLY DOG There was a big tough biker who owned a big tough Great Dane. Now this Great Dane was a very mean dog… not the kind of dog you want jumping up in your lap. One day, as the biker was walking his Great Dane, he saw a guy walking a little bitty dog with short legs no tail and no hair. It was an ugly dog, and frankly it looked sick. Suddenly the Great Dane saw the little ugly dog across the street and decided he hated that dog. He broke free from his owner's leash and dashed across the street on the attack. The owner of the Great Dane yelled at the man, "Look out! My dog is on the loose and he is liable to kill you and that dog of yours! You had better run!" The little ugly dog just looked up at the viscous dog as it was almost on top of him. Then the little dog proceeded to grab hold of the Great Dane at the foreleg and began to eat that big dog up. It ate right up the leg, right up the throat, ate its head, right down through the body, right across the tail, right down the back legs, spit out the bones, and smacked its lips… and that was the end of the mean Great Dane, just like that. Well, the owner of the Great Dane was absolutely astonished by what he had just witnessed. "Man, what kind of dog is that?" the man exclaimed. "I've never in my life seen a little dog that could do something like that!" "What Dog?" the other man said. "Before he got his nose and tail ran over by a big truck this was an alligator!" LADY BIKER AND THE MOPPED FLOOR A police officer responds to shots fired call and jumps into his squad car with blue lights and sirens blaring. He gets to the house and is briefed on the situation. He then calls the station and tells them, "I have an interesting case here. This lady biker shot her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped." "Have you arrested her?" asks the sergeant. "No, not yet. The floor's still wet" responds the sergeant! BAPTIZED IN CHURCH POND What a glorious day it was when Biker Bob and his wife had Little Johnny baptized in the church pond. However, Little Johnny cried all the way home in the back seat of their truck. Bob kept asking him what was wrong. Finally, Johnny replied... "That pastor said that he was looking forward to seeing me being brought up in a good Christian home, but I really want to stay with y'all!" BIKER GEORGE PASSES GAS Biker George was in a restaurant when he desperately needed to pass gas. He couldn't hold it in any longer, and since the music was loud, he timed his reliefs to the beat of the music. After a couple songs, he started to feel better. George finished his drink, and noticed that everybody was staring at him... That was when he remembered he was listening to his iPod! ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED LASTDISCIPLES.COM LASTDISCIPLES.COM

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