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Page 6 of 31 | # 48| Page 7 Enzymedica's new Gut Mo lity™ is an innova ve new solu on for people who have issues with diges ve transport and stomach emptying.* It promotes healthier transit mes and is the only product that provides a clinically studied synergis c combina on of triple standardized Ar choke leaf extract, Ginger root C02 extract and Apple Cider Vinegar, that all work together to deliver mul ple diges ve benefits.* Numerous factors can lead to the bloa ng and discomfort associated with a sluggish bowel and slow transit mes, but consumers o en struggle to find a more natural solu on that isn't addic ve and actually works. Enzymedica, a leading diges ve health and wellness company that produces natural supplements, just released its new vegan diges ve support supplement that is a more natural, effec ve, gentle, and nonaddic ve op on - Gut Mo lity™. This plant-based supplement offers mul ple benefits to promote healthier gastrointes nal (GI) mo lity and gastric emptying without the side effects of dependency.* "Gut Mo lity™ is truly the first of its kind and highlights Enzymedica's ground-breaking innova on in crea ng the highest quality product that supports diges ve health," said Marvin Singh, MD, who is double board cer fied in gastroenterology and internal medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Integra ve Medicine, and member of Enzymedica's Scien fic Advisory Board. "As a gastroenterologist, I successfully use this product in my prac ce to support a growing popula on of those with slowed mo lity and delayed gastric emptying." Proper gut mo lity, or movement, is achieved when the body transports food through the GI tract at a pace that provides healthy diges on, nutrient absorp on and elimina on. When the natural movement of muscles and diges ve organs is unbalanced or sluggish, it can result in occasional bloa ng, a feeling of fullness, nausea, gas and cons pa on.* Slow diges ve mo lity has many causes, some of the most common include certain medica ons, physical condi ons and stress. However, finding a solu on that is a more natural, plant-based and nonhabit forming is o en a challenge. Gut Mo lity™ features ProDigest®, a clinically studied and plant-based synergis c combina on of triple standardized Ar choke leaf extract and Ginger root CO2 extract that support healthy diges ve transport.* The blend also includes the unique addi on of Apple Cider Vinegar from USA-grown apples with the "Mother" to op mize metabolism and support a balanced pH in the diges ve system.* Together, this vegan blend works synergis cally within the body to provide founda onal muscular health for the en re gastrointes nal system.* It gently supports improved mo lity and gastric emptying, while helping to soothe and calm the diges ve system and alleviate occasional bloa ng and cons pa on resul ng from a sluggish bowel.* Unlike common Ar choke extracts that are only standardized for caffeoylquinic acids, ProDigest® is unique and contains Pycrinil® Ar choke extract that is triple standardized for caffeoylquinic acids, flavonoids and cynaropicrin. Its Ginger root extract is standardized for gingeroids (gingerols and shogaols). Two human clinical studies have demonstrated the significant benefits of this combina on a er short-term treatment with 86% of par cipants repor ng a marked reduc on in discomfort intensity. Gut Mo lity™ is vegan and non-GMO, and is free of gluten, milk, casein, soy, egg, ar ficial colors or flavors. It is $19.99 for 30 capsules and can be purchased at Abby's Health and Nutri on. About Enzymedica Enzymedica is a Florida-based, natural diges ve health company since 1998 that sells to over 30,000 stores worldwide and online. Its top- selling enzyme brand is No. 1 in America. In addi on to high quality products, Enzymedica also is dedicated to its People & Planet ini a ve, which is a core pillar within the company's mission - to leave a legacy that will make the world a be er place. The company has received more than 90 industry awards including mul ple Be er Nutri on Magazine's People's Choice Awards, many Best of Supplements Awards and numerous VITY and Nexty Awards. Visit h ps://enzymedica. com/ for more informa on. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Enzymedica Launches Gut Motility™, a New Artichoke and Ginger-Based Formula That Uniquely Offers Support for Healthier GI Motility, Gastric Emptying and Digestion

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