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Page 24 of 31 | # 48| Page 25 Essen al Fa y Acids (these are NOT fish oils). Visit for more information on fatty acids . 4. Diges ve enzymes and proteoly c enzymes are beneficial to aiding mitochondria by reducing oxida ve stress and improving energy produc on. 5. Organic organ meats provide essential vitamins, aid nerve health, and support the immune system . Freeze dried organ meat make terrific treats . 6. Intermi ent fas ng. Carnivores were not designed to eat all day. Feeding only twice daily (check with your holis c veterinarian) and with proper supervision, doing a 24 hour fast occasionally, may have significant health benefits. Fas ng induces "autophagy", a state in which the body gets rid of senescent cells (worn out dying cells), improves mitochondrial health, eliminates cells that are infected and overall improves the bodies ability to cope, adapt and survive. 7. The health benefits of proper exercise should never be underestimated . Work with an experienced veterinarian to design a health program that meets your fur babies needs and capabilities . 8. Increase oxygena on of the body's ssues. This can be accomplished by administering medical grade ozone, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and singlet oxygen therapy. Contact Dr. Marlene Siegel Pasco Veterinary Medical Center 813-973-2929 magnesium, selenium, copper, calcium, and molybdenum. 5. Chronic infec ons (ears, skin, urinary or gastro intes nal) are constantly contribu ng to low-grade inflamma on. 6. Toxin overload. Heavy metals play a significant role in disrup ng metabolic pathways yet are overlooked in the tradi onal tes ng panels. Heavy metal toxicosis can result from drinking tap water (which if not properly filtered may contain significant quan es of heavy metals) or from the diet (mercury in seafood may be par cularly problema c). Other toxin exposures come from poor air quality, non-organic body care products and EMF exposure. 7. Mitochondrial Dysfunc on. Mitochondria are the power houses that generate the energy that runs the body and drives the communication between the microbiome (the organisms that live in and on the body) to regulate genetic expression . Many of the same things that cause inflammation cause mitochondrial damage, such as a poor diet, toxins, electromagnetic pollution (EMF) and lack of adequate exercise . Simple Lifestyle Choices Can Dramatically Improve Pets Health 1. Feed a species appropriate grass fed / grass finished or free-range meat diet with the correct balance of meat, fat, bone and organ meat . Visit EvoLoveRaw. com for more information on raw feeding . 2. Supplement the essential vitamins and minerals (those nutrients the body can not manufacture in sufficient quantity to enable the body to operate at peak performance . 3. Provide the essen al fa y acids in the form of plant based Parent for therapy details . 9. Detoxification of the 6 organs of elimination (kidney, colon, lungs, liver, skin and lymphatics) are critically important to not only stay healthy, but in situations where abnormal cells are being destroyed, toxic waste needs a place to go and be eliminated from the body, otherwise the patient may feel worse . I am opening detox centers for pets and their parents in early 2022 called S'Paws Family Wellness that will specifically address detoxification . 10. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) uses laser lights and LED's to modulate the body's biology. A er all, we are light beings living in an energy universe. Plants, pets and people were designed to thrive when exposed to full spectrum sunlight. Sadly, most people and animals are not ge ng adequate levels of sunlight and we see the results, very unhealthy popula ons. Light therapy posi vely affects every cell in the body, including mitochondrial ac va on. 11. Water is critical to health, for humans, pets and the planet. I use water purifica on systems that highly filter the water (removing pathogens, heavy metals and glyphosate), structure the water (so it is the proper molecular configura on to hydrate the cells) and produce molecular hydrogen (a powerful an oxidant). "Healthy" is a lifestyle and a choice. I o en hear people complain that living a sustainable healthy lifestyle is too expensive…but have they added up the cost of "broke care" and the suffering experienced as a consequence of chronic inflamma on? Choose wisely and vote with your dollars. Support local businesses and farmers that are providing healthy alterna ves.

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