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Page 2 of 31 | # 48| Page 3 Biosil is an advanced beauty generator – the only supplement that generates and protects your own collagen. Our patented compound ingredient, ch-OSA®, offers this powerful 2-in-1 effect and is clinically proven to help you grow your glow from a cellular level. How? Your body is a regenerative wonder. It knows how to repair and rejuvenate itself. Our active compound ch- OSA supports that ability by activating and protecting your body's production of collagen, elastin, and keratin. These three proteins are your best friends in anything related to skin, hair, and nails. They keep it all growing, glowing, and strong. Rather than introducing foreign collagen, which your body will break down and digest, Biosil works with your body's physiology and activates your collagen- and elastin-producing cells. Collagen provides strength and firmness to your skin, while elastin gives tightness and snapback. Your body needs collagen to make keratin, the protein that makes up your hair and nails and gives your skin its protective layer. Biosil's unique 2-in-1 effect ensures that it also protects your collagen. Did you know that as you age, you lose collagen at a rate of 1% per year? That's why it's also essential to preserve the collagen you have. Biosil does that by neutralizing collagen-destroying homocysteine and reducing cortisol. Taking Biosil means taking your beauty into your own hands. No matter what else you do, when you take Biosil, you know you did something good for yourself. You're elevating your unique beauty by taking something nice and natural for your body. Both choline (ch) and orthosilicic acid (OSA) are naturally occurring substances that your body makes and uses in its everyday processes. We're vegan and clean, meaning Biosil does not contain any allergens and is entirely GMO-free. We're also very transparent, just like our beautiful liquid caps! We don't make baseless beauty claims. Instead, we rely on science. Biosil's benefits are proven (not just tested!) in unbiased, independent clinical studies conducted by leading European, American, and British university researchers. These studies are double-blind, placebo-controlled, and randomized. In other words, using the gold standards of scientific research, international scientists have documented statistically significant and clinically relevant results for hair, skin, and nails. And that's excellent news because that means Biosil is proven to work. Beauty is ageless. You deserve to radiate with the confidence of beautiful skin, healthy luscious hair, and super strong nails. The best time to start Biosil is yesterday. The second best time is today. BIOSIL ® The Beauty Generator brought to you in part by

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