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Page 18 of 31 | # 48| Page 19 Memory retention, mental clarity, concentration, and focus — cognitive functions many people strive to maintain under the pressure of daily life and sustain as they age. To help adults of all ages nurture brain health, Oregon's Wild Harvest has developed Lion's Mane Plus, an encapsulated supplement formulated with an effective blend of certified organic Lion's Mane, organic Ginkgo leaf powdered extract, and plant-based vitamins. "We believe plants are our allies for supporting the daily demands of the body and mind*," said Randy Buresh, R.N., co-founder Oregon's Wild Harvest. "The brain is an extremely complex organ and uses 20 percent of the body's energy. It deserves to be nurtured and protected." Like the brain, Lion's Mane Plus is the ultimate multi-tasker. Organic fungi, herbs, and vitamins work together to support brain circulation, brain chemistry, brain energy, and even provides nutrients, which suggest possible nerve support according to preliminary studies.* In developing this supplement, the company studied everything a healthy brain needs to protect itself from the negative effects of aging, lifestyle and the environment. "Nature equipped us with a blood-brain barrier to reduce the brain's exposure to many substances, but it may be compromised by poor health and today's environment; even aging leaves the brain more vulnerable," said Joanne Roberts, BSC, product development scientist at Oregon's Wild Harvest. "Aside from the external impacts, the brain is so metabolically active that it creates harmful free radicals, which may result in damage to the brain and inflammation. This can cause aging and affect the ability to think," added Roberts. Lion's Mane, used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is tonifying and nourishing. And according to folklore, it will give you nerves of steel and the memory of a lion. Ginkgo biloba offers protective antioxidant activity and research supports it is beneficial for circulation and blood flow within the brain's capillaries, supporting memory protection. The organic Ginkgo leaf in this formula is produced by water extraction. This organic water-extract provides a higher range and quantity of the original compounds that are naturally found in Ginkgo leaf. There are approximately 224 compounds in the leaf that are documented to date. Several researchers have alluded to Polyphenols in Oregon's Wild Harvest Adds BRAIN FORMULA to Its Family of Herbal Supplement Capsules Organic Lion's Mane, Ginkgo and Vitamins Deliver Cognitive and Memory Support, Naturally Ginkgo which can have signaling properties which influence nerve survival, regeneration, development, or death. They also influence capillary health.* Lion's Mane Plus also features organic vitamin D derived from mushrooms exposed to UV light. Similarly, the B vitamins; Thiamin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, B6, and folate are all made from organic fruit and vegetable concentrates. Both the Lion's Mane and B vitamins assist with the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential for processing memory and learning.

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