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Page 16 | Abby's Magazine | What Causes Inflammation? Have you ever heard of silent inflamma on? Simply put – this harmful inflamma on is the "mortal enemy" of your health. It can damage your heart and brain, throw your diges ve system completely out of whack, make your joints s ff and achy, and even ruin the color and texture of your skin. It's irrefutable at this point – more and more scien fic research is clearly showing that silent inflamma on is the common link that fast-tracks aging and makes us look and feel old before our me. So reducing silent inflamma on throughout your body may be the single most important thing you can do on a daily basis to look and feel your best. Searching the Globe to Fight Harmful Inflammation Hi, I'm Naomi Whi el. I was born in Switzerland, educated in the U.S. and have spent the past two decades traveling the world to find the most potent and effec ve natural health remedies available. My friend Dr. Sanjay Gupta has called me a "wellness warrior" because of the impact I have had figh ng the health issues that affect us, and our families. Of all of my journeys, nothing has le a deeper and more las ng impression than the first of my many trips to India. I knew at that me that the rate of serious cogni ve decline in India was far lower than in the U.S. (a trend that s ll con nues), and I knew about the emerging scien fic studies focused on the spice turmeric, but what I didn't realize was the vast amount of turmeric consumed in India on a daily basis. In India, turmeric is used as a universal flavoring in the prepara on of food, much like salt is used in the U.S. and is included in products in nearly every aisle of a grocery store. Except that turmeric is SO MUCH healthier than salt. Like night and day healthier! The Nearly Miraculous Health Properties of Turmeric Over the decade since my first visit to India, the incredible health benefits of turmeric have been the subject of thousands of scien fic studies that are now poin ng to turmeric as Mother Nature's secret weapon to combat the harmful effects of every day, silent inflamma on. Specifically, gold-standard clinical studies have shown that turmeric is perhaps the most effec ve natural substance on earth at inhibi ng COX-2, an enzyme that is responsible for sparking your body's inflammatory response. I have to say, consuming turmeric is now a vital part of my The Signs and Symptoms daily health regimen. I cook with it, I drink it in tea, and I take a supplement with a full research-based dose of it every day. So please keep reading to learn more about why ge ng the right daily dose of turmeric, along with another key an oxidant, can help combat harmful inflamma on, save you from having to deal with serious health issues, and keep you looking and feeling younger than your years. 6 Warning Signs of Harmful Silent Inflammation As scien sts begin to understand the body's complex systems be er, a clearer picture of how every day, silent inflamma on can impact your health is emerging. Here are six of the most common symptoms: Memory Impairment: Research has shown that when the brain is inflamed, memory forma on and recall both suffer. Unfortunately, many people start to believe that sca ered thoughts and trouble focusing are an inevitable part of aging—but they're not! Silent inflamma on is likely the culprit. Cholesterol Imbalances: A growing body of evidence has shown that inflamma on triggers increased produc on of cholesterol. The body a empts to protect the lining of blood vessels and arteries from damage, o en leading to harmful levels of build-up and serious cardiovascular issues. Elevated CRP Levels: High levels of CRP are an indica on that inflamma on is present in your body. The data linking high levels of CRP to increased heart risk has led a growing number of physicians to rou nely run a test for cardiac-specific C-reac ve protein. Aches and Pains: Silent inflamma on creates heightened pain sensi vity in the What Causes Inflammation?

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