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Page 14 | Abby's Magazine | As we approach the holidays, at Abby's Farm we are thankful for so many things, not the least of which is our beau ful land, in a beau ful se ng for us to learn, laugh and enjoy community with other wonderful people. Abby would love what we are doing, because we are true to our mission and have her legacy at the fore of everything we undertake. Our farm is again at capacity with close to 80 families enjoying all the things we have to offer this fall. Addi onally, we will serve 500- 700 students this fall for field trips and Nature Labs with several new elements and ac vi es being added to the curriculum. We are super excited about construc on of our Bee Experience/Nature Zone exhibit, in which kids will have a safe, "upclose" encounter with an actual beehive and learn all about the importance of bees to our environment. In addi on, kids will view leaves, soil, bugs and water under a microscope, for a different perspec ve of the world around us! We also had a family that almost single handedly did a fire pit renova on at the farm and is now working on a "playground makeover"! We had another member donate a beau ful fountain that has made the entrance to our Educa on area absolutely stunning and so lovely to hear wherever you are at the farm. If you have followed us for the last 6+ years, then you would know we are always building, developing and improving our farm… it's what we do! So in that regard, we would like to thank all of our corporate sponsors that make our dream possible and have supported us in such incredible ways: ABBYS HEALTH AND NUTRITION Abby Sayler and Victor Karydis have been involved in every aspect of our development. The store has and con nues to support our farm financially in an incredible way and also many of our volunteers heard about the farm through Abby's store. They promote the farm constantly through Abby's Magazine and Abby's website and social media pla orms. SHELLS FEED AND GARDEN SUPPLY Greg Shell and his staff have been incredibly suppor ve from the very beginning. They have donated our chicken coop, chickens and EVERY BIT OF FOOD and bedding since day one. They have conducted animal workshops and exhibits and been a wonderful friend of the farm since we started. URBAN ROOTS Zach and Bianca have supported us from the beginning, dona ng our first hydroponic materials, conduc ng a workshop on hydroponics and dona ng and offering discounts on various materials for our many projects. BAY AREA TREE SERVICE Rick Strickland has been delivering mulch to the farm con nuously for the past six years, to the tune of 100's of tons! He has been a good friend to the farm and a welcome companion while we were trying to develop the farm. HINES ELECTRIC COMPANY Tom Cook with Hines is a good friend of several volunteers and has been supplying us with much needed cardboard for the last couple years. Prior to that I was driving all over town ge ng free cardboard from people that moved. Addi onally, they have let us use their commercial "ditchwitch" to dig trenches for irriga on which was invaluable. GOOD GUYS GOLF CARTS Rory, who now lives on the ten acres next door, has been a great friend of the farm By David Housefield Grateful Hearts Grateful Hearts

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