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Page 28 | Abby's Magazine | 8 Skin & Haircare Tips for FITNESS FANATICS We all love that post-workout glow, but not when it leads to greasy hair and breakouts! A er a workout, work in some changes to your hair and skincare hygiene rou nes. Here, workout instructor and MegaFood partner Nicole Perry provides 8 ps and tricks - shared from her Pumps & Iron blog - for doing just that. 1. Go High, Go Low — Switch It Up! If you rock a ponytail during workouts, give your hair a break and vary the posi on (high pony one day, low pony the next) and work in alterna ve styles, too, like boxer's braids or a ballerina's bun. This will reduce the risk of breakage as well as the development of hairband-created cowlicks. 2. Let Your Hair Breathe at Night This goes along with the above p. While you sleep, let your hair rest, too. Leave it down or swirl it into a loose top-knot and secure it with a clip or so scrunchie instead of a hair e. "Not only does this help with breakage, but it ensures I don't have a e crease in my hair the next morning if I want to wear it down," says Nicole. 3. Water, Water, More Water You need to hydrate throughout the day, upping your water intake on days when you workout. Not only does it keep you By MegaFood going, but it keeps your skin feeling and looking refreshed. If you're not a fan of plain water, consider adding a squeeze of lime or cut-up slices of cucumber (or both!) to make it more appealing. 4. Face Wipes For the Win If you're unable to wash your face or hop in the shower a er your workout, use a face wipe! Make sure you use a wipe specifically made for faces, and try to find ones that use natural ingredients and no chemical scents. 5. Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day This is a hard one if you're swea ng heavily during workouts most days of the week, but daily shampoos can overwork your hair. "I'll probably never be one of those girls who can do a week in between washes (I have fine hair and naturally oily skin), but I go every other or every third day if I'm lucky and my hair is shinier and healthier because of it," says Nicole. Be pa ent with the change - your hair might feel greasy at first but, eventually, your hair's natural oils will balance out a bit and, if not, Nicole suggests considering top knots, braids, and hats to be your BFFs.

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