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Page 22 | Abby's Magazine | People associate "fit and healthy" with being thin, but there is much more to being fit and healthy than what is seen by outside appearances. For our fur babies, the same applies. Our pets can't decide what to eat or how to exercise, it is up to we the pet parent to create conscious lifestyle choices for our pets to help them achieve op mum nutri on and adequate exercise. It is as important or more to be fit "inside" having well-func oning organs, efficient detoxifica on methods and effec ve metabolic pathways. The body is a complex machine. Like a car that requires the right fuel, oil changes and replacement of parts that wear out, the body func ons much the same way with the caveat that the body also has the ability to adapt and regenerate, something a car cannot do. Top 10 tips for optimum health and vitality for dogs and cats 1. Minimize toxin exposures: Avoid nonorganic foods. Reduce chemical exposure and mi gate the damaging effects of EMF pollu on. Our fur children are exposed to everything we clean with, wash our laundry in, spray in the air or lather on the skin/fur. Read labels and avoid products with names you cannot pronounce. This is a great opportunity to learn DIY recipes for cleaning and body care! 2. Feed a species appropriate diet. For cats and dogs that is an organic, grass fed/grass finished balanced (appropriate amounts of meat, fat, bone, and organ meat) raw diet. Processed food diets are enzymically dead, extremely high in carbohydrates and are a major contributor to leaky gut and inflamma on. 3. Supplement with the essen al vitamins, minerals, and Parent Essen al Fa y Acids. Essen al nutrients are those nutrients the body cannot manufacture in sufficient quan es. Proper supplementa on is cri cal to support metabolic func on for more information on diets and supplements. 4. Drink highly filtered, structured water. Structured water molecules are the correct size to enter the cells. Do not drink or cook with tap water or offer this as your pets drinking water. Water filtered through the refrigerator is not good either. Lastly, avoid water in plas c containers because the chemicals from the plas c leach into the water. Contact me for recommenda ons on how to structure water or water machines that filter and structure. 5. Support a healthy gut by minimizing damage to the gut membrane, supporting tight junction repair, and improving cell to cell communica on. Minimize exposure to products and behaviors that damage the gut membrane, such as glyphosate (the ac ve ingredient in Round Up) and STRESS! Stress produces the stress hormone cor sol that creates leaky gut membranes. 6. A large diverse microbiome is key to a healthy immune system and optimum health. Func onal genes are those genes that code for gene c expression (tell the genes to turn on/off) and metabolic ac vity. A majority of our bodies (and fur babies' bodies) func onal genes come from the microbiota (bacteria, fungus, virus etc.) that live symbio cally within us. Killing off massive amounts of microbes destroys many of the func onal genes we rely on for op mum health. Focus on crea ng a healthy terrain for good microbes to flourish versus a acking and indiscriminately killing microorganisms. 7. Exercise/ conscious movement daily. Dogs and cats need movement too. In the wild they hunted, played, and experienced high intensity movement. Use common sense when exercising dogs. They can suffer heat exhaus on and heat stroke which are life threatening emergencies. They can burn the pads on their feet on hot concrete and asphalt. Consider interac ve toys and lasers to get ki y to play! The goal is to get your pets moving! In a previous Abby's ar cle I discussed many healthy ways to exercise pets: h p:// i/771993-volume-5-issue-1/23?m4= 8. Intermi ent fas ng for pets too! Feed pets twice daily, dawn and dusk without snacking between meals. To further for our Pets Op mum HEALTH AND VITALITY

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