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Page 16 | Abby's Magazine | Abby's Organic Farm In 2015 I wrote an ar cle for the magazine en tled "Abby's Farm... a heart healthy hobby". The ar cle was primarily a clinical look at all of the specific cardiovascular health benefits associated with the rigors of being outside and doing farm work. That certainly hasn't changed but what we've learned in our six years from experience and the experience of our many volunteers, is there is way more to it than that. We now know that the health benefits include not only the physical aspect, but also the mind (mental health), emo onal well-being and our spiritual life. While I know that it is true for me (and has been for about 40 years), it's probably be er if you hear it straight from volunteers that are experiencing it today… "It is such a pleasure to walk the land, work in the po ng dirt, taste a variety of new healthy fruits as they ripen right in front of me, and learn about the medicinal advantages of vegetables and plants I had no idea even existed before joining Abby's Farm. It rejuvenates the spirit and the body." -Ivo "The health benefits of being a volunteer extend beyond simply ea ng the end products of the farm. Being a part of the growing process has helped me by clearing my mind and giving me a mental break from all of the indoor distrac ons of life. Digging my hands in the earth, in the middle of such beau fully ordered nature, is healing, calming, and grounding. The food - or end product- is bonus. The process is where the beauty lies." -Chris na "Time flies when volunteering at the farm. I personally love the walking, bending and fresh air I get when tending my garden, not to men on playing in the good organic dirt. Physicality aside, it is very nurturing to see how the plants thrive and grow because of my ac ons… and I get to eat the yummy results! I hear so many volunteers say what an oasis the farm is, and they are right. So for me, being a part of this farm really is a win, win, win - for body, mind and soul." -Elsa By David "Farmer Dave" Housefield 19420 US HIGHWAY 41 NORTH LUTZ, FLORIDA 33549 (813) 393-6039

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