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Page 28 | Abby's Magazine | I embrace this world wide crisis, this pandemic, whether real or manmade, as a wake up call. Worldwide we were not living sustainable lifestyles. The amazing byproduct of this crisis is that everywhere on the planet there is massive "awakening" and new opportuni es to solve problems while crea ng posi ve change. Fear Or Fortune The world as we knew it will never be the same. How we choose to experience the new world is up to each and every one of us. We can be vic ms or we can connect deeply within, to our spiritual truths and core values, choosing to create a world of kindness, compassion, awakening the core values of life itself and fostering a healthy relationship with each other and mother earth. Covid-19 - Dogs And Cats Sadly, people in other countries were abandoning their pets because of unsubstan ated fear that pets would spread the disease. The following statements are from the American Veterinary Medical Associa on regarding Covid-19 and its rela onship on the pet popula on: "The current spread of COVID-19 is a result of human to human transmission. To date, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease. Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare." "Further studies are needed to understand if and how different animals might be affected by COVID-19 virus." "There is no evidence to support restric ons to movement or trade of companion animals." As with any infec ous disease, precau onary measures should be taken by owners when companion or other animals have close contact with humans sick or suspected with COVID-19 Again, there have not been any reports of companion or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19 and currently there is no evidence that they play a significant epidemiological role in this human disease. When handling and caring for animals, basic hygiene measures should always be implemented. This includes hand washing, preferably with hot soapy water (use only healthy soaps free of chemicals and preserva ves), before and a er being around or handling animals, their food, or supplies. When possible, people who are sick or under medical a en on for COVID-19 should have another member of their household care for their animals. Never before has it been more important to focus on a healthy immune system! The following are strong recommenda ons for people and pets: 1. Stop pollu ng the body with toxic foods. Humans should avoid processed foods, processed sugar and toxic cooking oils like Canola, vegetable and soy. Avoid the "dirty dozen" (the 12 most toxic foods can be found at Pets should avoid processed foods as well (kibble and can) and non- organic diets. 2. Avoid tap water, plas c bo led water and other sources of water that are not filtered and structured properly. For more informa on on water visit spring aqua springaqua. com/drsiegel or synergy science h ps:// shop?afmc=4s 3. Minimize EMF exposure. There are affordable EMF detec on meters that enable people to see where and how bad the EMF exposure is. Tes ng before and a er mi ga on demonstrates the effec veness of the remedy. 4. Avoid cleaning products, laundry products and air fresheners that have preserva ves and chemicals. If you can't pronounce it, don't use it. 5. Avoid body care products that have chemicals and preserva ves. has free consumer information on products. Do not use chemicals and pes cides (par cularly Glyphosate containing weed killers) on your lawns and pe on homeowner associa ons to ban the use of these in your neighborhood. for Pets (and Their People) Covid-19 Action Plan Time For A Wake Up Call

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