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Page 32 | Abby's Magazine | Hi, I enjoyed the ar cle "Vitamins C & D and Coronavirus" and I have been taking several supplements from Dr. Chi since February and really see the benefit from them. Thanks, Gazelle My favorite vitamin company is Carlson fish oil.I enjoyed reading the ar cle tled "How much Omega 3 do I need to take daily?" Anna I really enjoyed the ar cle on Curcumin. This magazine is really informa ve. The Carlson fish oil produc ons is a line I like and have used in the past. Chris Hi, Thanks for this month's magazine. My favorite vitamin company is NOW. Although I liked all of the ar cles, my favorite ar cle of this issue is Ea ng Organic vs. Conven onal Foods. Sincerely, Chris ne My favorite ar cle is Covid 19 epidemiology clinical features and my favorite vitamin is Mega Food acute defense and my favorite vitamin company is Mega Food. I have been taking Mega Food vitamins for a long me. I like the company because it is all-natural and their products dont hurt my stomach. I have had a lot of stomach issues most of my life and so many vitamins hurt my stomach but not Mega Foods. I love this company! Deborah Hello! My name is Ericka. Thank you so much for doing this! I love Abby's and as me goes by I love you all even more. To the basics: 1) I loved reading "Immune System: Back to the Basics." It was such a sweet read about mother nature and how we should go back to that, the natural way of obtaining our food. Rather than complicate it with so many human made things. 2) My favorite vitamin company from the issue is "Natural Factors." I'm so looking into their CurcuminRich/Theracurmin. It sounds very efficient and natural, plus something that my body is actually going to use rather than discard (like a lot of things that companies use to fill their vitamins and products with). Thank you so much. I always enjoy reading Abby's Magazine. My favorite ar cle this month was Ea ng Organic vs. Conven onal Foods and my favorite Vitamin Company is Mega Food. Gail Sent from my iPhone Our family loves Mega Food Vitamins and Nordic Naturals.... I really enjoyed the no really appreciated and enjoyed the COVID informa on ar cle.... love the magazines and all the informa on I all of them... Jennifer My favorite vitamins and supplements are Dr. Chi, from Chi Enterprises. My favorite ar cle is "Ea ng Organic vs. Conven onal Foods". Thanks, Jennifer I enjoy reading the magazine each month. My favorite ar cle in this issue was "Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment". I have been taking Life Extension C and Vitamin D for about 3 years, and since I started taking them I have not had any colds or respiratory infec ons. My favorite vitamin company was/is New Chapter. Joan I really enjoyed the ar cle Coronavirus 101 and the vitamin Oreganol! Joanne Good morning! I so appreciated all of the valuable informa on in the latest edi on. The ar cle I enjoyed the most was COVID Epidemiology, Clinical features and Example Regimens. My favorite vitamin brand is Mega Foods. Thanks for all you do! Kendra READER'S FEEDBACK! Most liked articles in Abby's Mag & Preferred Supplement Companies

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