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Page 26 | Abby's Magazine | DETOX AND YOUR PETS The body, whether talking about humans or animals is an incredibly sophis cated "machine". The basic func ons of the body are to take in nutrients to run the metabolic processes (growth, repair, reproduc on and immune func on) and eliminate the waste material/toxins. Pets are similar to humans in regards to detoxifica on. Though this ar cle is intended for pet health, the principles are applicable to the pet parent as well. Normal metabolic func on, day to day "living" will result in waste material that needs to be excreted. The obvious func ons include breathing, swea ng, urina ng and defeca ng. The non obvious is the work of the liver and lympha cs to process and remove waste and toxins. The modern world poses addi onal challenges for the organs of detoxifica on in that they were never designed to deal with the massive exposure of environmental toxins. Every day we are breathing in air pollutants, inges ng toxins through our food and water, and absorbing chemicals through products touching the skin. Detoxifica on sounds complicated and unpleasant, but in fact, it is simple and effec ve if the systems are understood, respected for their abili es and supported. Proper Diagnostics There are specific tests that aid in understanding how well, or not, the body can detoxify. • A serum chemistry profile will evaluate the liver and kidneys. • Heavy metal exposure and toxicity including the ability of the body to excrete them. • Nutrient deficiency, including Vit D, Magnesium, zinc, selenium and B Vitamins. • Bioenerge c tes ng looks for imbalances in the physical and energetic realms. Key Players In Detoxification There are 6 organs of elimina on: Kidney: Filters the blood and eliminates water- soluble products/toxins in the urine. Colon: Eliminates waste products/toxins through the feces. The liver/gall bladders dump many products out the body through this route of elimina on. Lungs: Air pollution, both indoors and outdoors can result in serious toxicity. Breathing expels toxins and balances blood PH. Liver: Likely the most important organ of detoxifica on in that it does the most work, not only in prepara on/neutraliza on/ elimina on of toxins, but produc on of cri cal nutrients and defense against invaders. Skin: Swea ng is an effec ve route of elimina on for people. Dogs do not sweat like people. They have apocrine glands in their armpits and genital region that secretes a thick fluid but is not designed to cool them off. Dogs have merocrine glands in the pads of their feet that act as sweat glands though they are inadequate to provide enough cooling for a dog that is hot. Dogs pant as their primary way of "swea ng and cooling". As the water evaporates from the tongue and nasal passages, it helps lower the body temperature. The skin is a major route for animals to eliminate toxins. Lympha cs: Vitally important for immune produc on and elimina on of toxins, the lymph is under u lized and o en ignored in western medicine. How to Detoxify The best defense is a strong offense! Stop pollu ng the body! Food: The absolute worst diet to feed dogs and cats is a processed kibble diet! Dogs and cats are biologically designed to eat a balanced raw diet. Visit for more information. Feed an organic diet, free of hormones, chemicals, pesticides and GMO's. Water: Tap water is arguably the worst water to offer pets. Water needs to be highly filtered to remove contaminates like heavy metals and glyphosate. It should also be "structured" and ideally have molecular hydrogen. For more informa on on water, visit info.springaqua. com/msiegel where you will find a plethora of informa on! Indoor Environment: Test for mold, organic vola le compounds that off gas from formaldehyde and fire retardant and electrical magne c frequencies (EMF). Outdoor Environment: #1, do not spray with chemicals and weed killers, especially products that contain Glyphosate and avoid taking your pets to areas that use these. Personal Care Products: Anything that touches the skin, including laundry products should be organic and free of ingredients that disrupt hormones. Reduce or eliminate A.N.T.S in the Brain: Automa c Nega ve Thoughts produce neuro-chemicals that compromise the immune system and s mulate sympathe c tone (puts the body in a state of fight/ flight). Detoxifica on only occurs when the body is in a parasympathe c state (rest/ repair/relaxa on). Pets entrain (pick up and share) to the energy of their human family.

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