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Page 10 | Abby's Magazine - Page 10 | Abby's Magazine - We need a paradigm shi . The natural den st is needed to help get rid of the toxic burdens so I can help the rest of the way! Pa ents coming to my office talk to me about redness, no energy, can't get out of bed and go to work, joint pain, they can't move or think, they hurt all the me, they don't feel right, and that their path to my door was filled with visits to other health professionals of all kinds. Many already have "named diseases" which carry with them a tradi on of treatment and result that has inhibited their hope for change. They are already on medica ons and more medica ons. I've got lupus, or MS or Parkinson's Disease or Lyme, or Breast Cancer, it's all just nomenclature with no real understanding of what is wrong with the person, what set of mental, emo onal and physical circumstances summed up into the condi on the body now manifests. One thing is for certain people are sick and red of the lies, of things that don't work, as we all are! This frustra on and demand for change is behind the renaissance we see in health medicine and health den stry. Dentistry and Medicine By Dr. David Minkoff MD and Dr. Ray Behm, DDS Since we are looking at a seemingly complex thing, we begin by knowing two simplici es about all bodies. 1) There are things in the body that shouldn't be there. Toxins, poison and compe ng microorganisms get into body systems and into cellular func on and things don't work, as they should. People live in toxic, low nutri on environments and are on too many medica ons. 2) The body is missing things. Some of the 84 different things the body needs, the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essen al fats are missing and the body is without its tools in order to produce energy, detoxify and rebuild. A Necessary Collaboration for Healthy Patients

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