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Abby's Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 6 | Page 43 Pain Reduction The source of pain is not always coming from right where it is felt. It can be from a painful tooth or it may be referred from other parts of the body. Notice if the pain moves around and whether it is from hot or cold or from biting pressure. It could be coming from two opposing teeth and how they contact each other which indicates a structural problem as opposed to a tooth infection. Teeth are connected to the rest of the body via the energy meridian lines and it is not uncommon to feel referred pain that could originate, for example in the digestive area, i.e. stomach, small or large intestine. It could very well be from parasites. Patients are surprised when parasites are eliminated, that the tooth pain goes away! Energetic or Reflex Testing is a great tool to find where the pain is coming from, such that we can address the pain at its source. Structure In pain situations we are going to look at the bite as another process that may need to be adjusted. Just clinching or grinding at night can cause pain. Looking at your worn front incisors gives a clue to grinding. It is something you may not be aware of as it is occurring while you sleep. Nighttime appliances, such as the Micro 02 can anteriorize the mandible. In this more forward position the airway is opened and the device holds the teeth in a position where the upper teeth and forward teeth exactly fit together. Snoring is also reduced while using the Micro 02. Muscle tension in the face and jaw means the natural bite position has been altered through wear, missing teeth, poor attempts at alignment, etc., and the muscles accommodate to these structural changes to ensure the best bite pressure possible. Pain is often felt in the jaw joint and face. We can relieve this muscle tension through repair of the flattened teeth and worn molars. Dead Teeth If pain is coming from a tooth that has been a long standing problem, we determine with x rays and muscle testing if the problem is from a deep filling or the tooth is actually dead. At night while laying down, does the tooth throb? This sensation is felt when the tooth and heart are at the same level and the pulsing action of the heart is felt in the tooth. This is often an indication of a dying or dead tooth which will need to be removed. When pain strikes, it's important to know there are different sources of pain. Is it a grinding problem at night, a bite problem, stress on the jaw joint or is it coming from gum infections? Identifying the correct source leads to a real solution and with this the pain is not likely to return!

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