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We talk about it all the me, when things get tough, busy or just when it is a beau ful day, all bikers love to go out for some "Wind Therapy". Wind is o en seen as a biker's friend, it can however become one of the most frightening elements to ride in. Good wind or bad, bikers all need to learn how to read the wind. What does this mean from God's standpoint? He o en speaks to us through "Wind Therapy" and it is our responsibility to learn to read the wind. In Acts 2 we learn that the Holy Spirit made His presence known with the sound of a "rushing wind". This was His introduc on to the church at Pentecost. God s ll uses a "rushing wind" in our lives to fulfill His purpose in us. It is up to us to read the wind however, as this will help us to ride through life "with" the wind rather than against it. Some of the ways He uses wind are as follows: Wind of Inspec on - Mark 4:27 is an example of the Wind of Inspec on. The disciples were on a casual boat ride to the other side of the lake. No worries, the sun is shining, the water is calm and oh by the way, they had The Son of God laying down in the boat with them. What a great me to let your guard down and relax. Suddenly, a great wind came up and they all thought they were going to drown. Four of these men were fishermen who were on boats their en re lives. They woke up Jesus in terror and asked if He didn't care if they drown. He stopped the wind with a word but the inspec on had already been completed. The wind had done it's job. It showed exactly where each man's faith was. How o en are we in a great place in our life, God is with us, the sun is shining and suddenly a Wind of Inspec on hits us and shows us where we really are. How o en in these winds do we cry out to God asking if he cares about what we are going through. These winds are not to destroy us but to be a mirror that shows our heart. If a wind in your life helps you to see your own heart and mo ves, this is a Wind of Inspec on. Wind of Correc on - Sadly Jonah is someone that many bikers relate to. When told to go to the evil city of Ninevah, Jonah decided to go in the exact opposite direc on to Tarshish. Tarshish is what we now know as Spain which was the farthest known point to those in the Middle East. Trying to get away from God is an exercise in absolute fu lity, yet so many mes we all try to do it. Many mes I know that God has been watching me, shaking His Head and saying "where do you think you are going?" God sent a Wind of Correc on to terrify the crew of the ship Jonah was on un l they were willing to throw him overboard. Throughout the book of Jonah we see that "God prepared many things (Wind, Fish, Gourd, Worm, etc.) in order to bring Jonah to the place where he would fulfill God's plan. As soon as Jonah was confronted he admi ed that he was running from God. Sadly, when this wind comes up, we usually know why. We know when we are running from God and it is usually in the opposite direc on of where we need to be. Thankfully God sends Winds of Correc on to bring us back. If your conscience is being affected by the wind in your life, it is a Wind of Correc on. Wind of Protec on – In Exodus 14:21 we see God's Wind of Protec on holding back the Red Sea and providing a way of escape for the Israelites. O en we don't no ce the wind that is at our back, protec ng us and keeping our enemies away. This is a wind we should thank God for everyday, whether we see it's affect or not. Some mes this wind is as simple as a small gust that moves debris out of our way as we ride and some mes it is as drama c as par ng a large body of water. This is the wind that we o en don't see, however there may be mes that we feel it's absence. This is when we need to look deep into our lives to find out if we have taken ourselves away from His protec on, or if this is a test of our character. With God's Wind of Protec on covering us, we can ride anywhere He directs us to go. So what wind is blowing in your life today? When was the last me you really looked at all God has brought into your life? Maybe it is me to look into His Word and pray honestly about all that is going on within you. Maybe you need a li le "Wind Therapy". Wind Therapy By: Dave "Road Sage" Dildine 18 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 33

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