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Abby's Magazine - Volume 4 Issue 1 | Page 51 Irwin Naturals 30% OFF Select Products % OFF 30 Select Products 888-234-5656 | 50 Years of Excellence Your health is our priority. Choose quality. Choose Carlson. a Do you brush your teeth daily? a Do you have "silver" dental fillings? a Have you ever had tooth extractions and/or root canal fillings? a Do you use unfiltered tap water to brush your teeth, shower, make coffee or drink? a Do you use commercial household cleaners, cosmetics or antiperspirants? a Have you ever taken prescription medications or over-the-counter medications, including hormone replacement therapy or birth control? a Do you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home or office? a Do you eat commercial (non-organic) vegetables, fruits, or meat? a Do you wear clothes that have been dry-cleaned? a Do you wear synthetic materials (such as polyester)? a Do you eat processed food or fast food? a Have you ever smoked or been exposed to second-hand smoke? a Do you eat in restaurants more than twice weekly? a Do you use bug spray in your home or have a pest control service? a Do you use weed killer on your lawn? a Do you dye or bleach your hair? a Do you use cologne or perfume? a Are you overweight, underweight, or do you have cellulite deposits? a Does your occupation expose you to toxins? a Do you drink alcoholic beverages regularly? a Do you eat fish more than twice a week? a Do you regularly swim in a pool or lake? a Do you live in a major metropolitan area? a Do you live near an airport? a Do you work in an environment using fluorescent lighting? a Do you drink non-organic coffee? a Do you feel tired, lethargic, or sluggish upon waking and even throughout the day? a Do you have difficulty concentrating or have slow or surreal thinking? a Do you feel depressed or have mood changes? a Do you get more than one or two colds per year? a Do you get postnasal drip, congestion, or a stuffy nose or sinuses upon waking or throughout the day? a Do you have bad breath, a coated tongue, or a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth? a Do you have strong body odor? a Do you have strong smelling urine? a Do you have trouble sleeping or feel un-refreshed upon waking? a Are your nails weak, so, or brittle? a Do you have dark circles under your eyes? a Do you oen feel stressed or anxious? a Do you have allergies to various household products, dust, and molds? a Do you have eczema, dry skin, acne, or rashes? a Do you gain weight easily? a Do you have food cravings, especially carbohydrate-rich foods and/or sweets? a Do you have pain or discomfort on the right side of your stomach occasionally or aer eating? a Are you constipated or do you have less than one bowel movement per day? Do you have any of the following symptoms? a Sensitivity to perfume or other chemical odors a Persistent joint and/or muscle pain a Chronic infections a Depression a Fatigue a Headaches e higher your score, the greater potential toxic burden you may be carrying and the more you may benefit from a detoxification program. If you scored higher than 25: You are a prime candidate for completing a comprehensive detox program. The Body Burden Test Instructions: Read each question, and then check the box if you answer "yes".

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