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Abby's Magazine - March/April 2015 | Page 7 1. How old are you? a. Male < 55 years old 1 point b. Female < 65 years old 1 point c. Male > 55 years old 4 points d. Female > 65 years old 4 points 2. Do you have a family history of early cardiovascular disease (a male relative affected before age 55 or a female relative affected before age 65)? a. No 0 points b. Yes 4 points 3. What is your waist circumference? a. If you're a women: Less than 35 inches 0 points b. If you're male: Less than 40 inches 0 points c. If you're a women: 35 inches or more 4 points d. If you're male: 40 inches or more 4 points 4. What's your weight range? a. Underweight 2 points b. Average 1 point c. Overweight 3 points d. Obese 4 points 5. What is your resting pulse? a. Less than 60 beats per minute 0 points b. Less than 75 beats per minute 1 point c. More than 75 beats per minute 2 points d. Don't know 2 points 6. What is your blood pressure? (Check all that apply) a. Less than 120/80 0 points b. Taking blood pressure medication 2 points c. 120/80 to 139/89 3 points d. 140/90 or higher 4 points e. Dont know 4 points 7. What is your total cholesterol level? (Check all answers that apply) a. Less than 160mg/dl 0 points b. Less than 200 mg/dl 1 point c.Taking cholesterol medication 2 points d.Greater than 200 mg/dl 3 points e. Don't know 3 points More than 100 million Americans – about half of the adult population – have one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the leading killer of Americans. To find out if you could be at risk, we suggest you take a few minutes to answer the following questions. The answers will help you identify potential threats to your cardiovascular health and areas you need to work on to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Assess Your Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

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