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bo D y TA lk c om P ile D by Se A n eADS Hidden Bathroom Dangers How secure is your bathroom? bathroom accidents usually have us envisioning grandma slipping in the tub, but according to the uS centers FDA Sunscreen Guidelines To help consumers make the best decisions when it comes to sun protection, the uS food & Drug Administration (fDA) is requiring companies to be more forthright about product claims. These more stringent guidelines include using the terms “broad spectrum” on labeling when a product protects from both uvA and uvb rays. Sunscreen that includes protection from both rays is important, as uvb rays cause sunburn, while uvA rays can lead to skin cancer. under the new guidelines, no sunscreen can be labeled “waterproof,” but will be instead called “water resistant;” labels also must provide the length of time the sunscreen will work in the water. The fDA claims that when the new guidelines take effect in summer 2012, it will affect more than one- third of the sunscreen products on the market. for Disease control (cDc), roughly 234,000 teens and adults each year go to an emergency room because of injuries sustained in the bathroom. eighty percent of these accidents are the result of falls causing scrapes, lacerations, and bruises. The cDc recommends simple additions such as grab bars in the shower and tub, and nonslip strips along the basin. grab bars are also recommended near the toilet to help prevent falls by the elderly. Bravo for Broccoli A study conducted by oregon State university has confirmed that sulforaphane, a phytochemical present in high amounts in broccoli and cauliflower, selectively targets and kills cancer cells while leaving other cells alone. Sulforaphane was identified in 2007 as a cancer cell inhibitor, but it was not known if the phytochemical discriminated between cancerous and noncancerous cells. The findings, published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, specifically looked at sulforaphane’s impact on prostate cancer cells. new clinical trials testing the phytochemical against other cancer cells are in progress. 12 Body Sense summer 2011

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