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Wheatgrass Detox You will find millions of people that will swear an ounce or two of fresh wheatgrass juice improved their life. I looked in the mirror the other day and the person looking back at me wasn't the best I knew she could be. I know what to do, so no more excuses! Several wonderful people have become friends of mine because of their using Ocean Grown Farms wheatgrass. The ones I'm thinking about all had one thing in common, their doctors told them to get their houses in order as their disease was terminal. They didn't give up. Halleluyah! Today they are alive, well and celebrating their lives. Yes, you are right; they won't go a day without fresh wheatgrass juice. As you can see detoxifying can save your life as well as just helping us feel and look better. Do you know what to do to get the results you want to see? It's not too hard. Everything you need is easily available to you and Abby's is going to make it easier for you than you ever thought. This is going to be fun! We all have friends and family who need us to be at our best. Deep down inside we all know we want a more abundant life. Let's get it. It's time we detox! You have probably heard of wheatgrass. Do you know that a one-ounce serving of fresh wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2 and one half pounds of fresh green leafy vegetables? Some of the results people worldwide claims to have received from their wheatgrass are: • Boost of energy • Gets rid of constipation • Detoxes the bloodstream of heavy metals • Improved heart health • Cleans the liver • Powerful cancer fighter • Regulates the blood sugar levels • Prevents diabetes • Improved digestion • Helps keep teeth and bones strong • Keeps hair from turning grey • Feeds the blood and re-builds the bloodstream • Helps treat acne • Helps keep the immune system strong • More beautiful skin So, what's the best way to get started? Fresh wheatgrass juice is best utilized by the body on an empty stomach. I take mine with a few ounces of water. A great way to start is to mix fresh lemon juice and ginger with your wheatgrass. Wheatgrass juice in the beginning can possibly cause nausea. It's best to start slowly, this is powerful stuff and ginger is excellent to calm the tummy. The lemon juice and ginger in the wheatgrass juice is also a refreshing splash in the middle of a busy day. When you get in the habit of one, working up to two ounces of fresh wheatgrass juice a day you are going to see some changes in how you feel and how you look. LOCALLY HYDROPONICALLY GROWN Available in 1lb. Bags and Ready to Juice at Abby's Live long and prosper! *Before you begin any health endeavor please check with your physician or health care provider. %%())*+,%-"#"./0$%1%?"0:";*%@%A$);:";*%&BCD%'%!"#$%E

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