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Hormones, Food Cravings and Weight Gain By Dr. DelRae Messer, D.C. If  you  want  to  lose  weight,  what  are  you  supposed  to  do?    You've   More   importantly,   it   has   been   heard  it  for  years  –  Eat  less,  exercise  more.      If  you've  ever  tried   behavior.     A   recent   UCLA   study   stated,   more  confused.    The  good  news  is  the  age-‐old  myth  of  calories  in   vs.  calories  out  theory  to  lose  weight  is  being  replaced  by  a  more   (more  importantly  fat  loss)  to  4  hormones  that  are  responsible  for   center   in   our   brain   called   the   hypothalamus   that   is   responsible   burning  in  the  body.   can   increase   our   hunger,   sugar   and   salt   cravings,   decrease   the   ability   of   the   body   to   burn   fat   and   has   even   demonstrated   direct   New   research   is   emerging   proving   that   our   fat   cells   are   a   Insulin  is  a  hormone  secreted  from  the  pancreas  when  our  level   of   blood   glucose   increases.       The   increased   amount   of   processed   just  a  few  that  have  clinical  studies  shows  improved  fat  burning   sugar   in   the   Standard   American   Diet   (SAD)   has   created   an   cravings. this   preventable,   lifestyle-‐related   disease   is   now   rampant   among   2   Diabetes.     This   hormone   allows   us   to   accumulate   fat,   can   drive   more  cravings  for  sugar,  decreases  our  energy,  and  ages  our  cells.   Page 14 | Abby's Magazine -

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