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VOLUME 25 | NUMBER 2 | 2020

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Safe and secure eInvoices, ePayments C R E D I T C O R N E R B Y J E N TA R R — C R E D I T M A N A G E R Did you know that NE offers emailed invoices and online payment? W hat better way to manage your invoices and keep track of job cost? Why wait days to receive an invoice in the mail when our online billing website will email you all invoices from the current day so you can manage real-time expenses. And, you can log in to review invoices when it's convenient for you, 24/7. Our billing site even has download capability for Excel, Forefront, QuickBooks, PeachTree, Timberline and Viewpoint. ONLINE PAYMENTS You can also take advantage of our online payment system. Why pay via online payment? Paper checks cost you more and take more time. Our online payment portal is FREE to customers, and payments are posted in 24-48 hours. Mailing a paper check, takes days and sometimes 1-2 weeks to reach its destination. That is, if it doesn't get lost in the mail. E-payments have evolved to be faster, more secure and more user-friendly. In a 2018 survey conducted by the Association of Financial Professionals, 74% of fraudulent claims came from paper checks. SAFETY FIRST Our online invoice and payment portal encrypts your data to keep it secure, and uses multi-step verification and password protection. For example, online bill payment is much safer than handing a credit card to a waiter at a restaurant or putting your checking information in the mail. We also offer ACH and Debit Card processing through our invoice and payment portal, at no cost. You can use a credit card too, however, we do charge a 2.99% fee to cover our costs in accepting credit cards. WANT TO KNOW MORE? For more information or to get started, contact us at to find out more about e-Invoices and e-Payments. N O R T H E A S T E R N S U P P L Y e I n v o i c e s a n d e P a y m e n t s HARDWARE INCLUDED PREMIUM 1 ⁄3 HP CAST IRON REMOTE DRAIN KIT ITEM #VIC92017 5-Year Warranty on the pump PREMIUM 1 ⁄2 HP SIMPLEX SEWAGE PACKAGE ITEM #VIC93020 3-Year Warranty on the pump PREMIUM 1 ⁄2 HP CAST IRON EFFLUENT PUMP ITEM #VIC92569 3-Year Warranty PREMIUM 4 ⁄10 HP CAST IRON SUMP PUMP ITEM #VIC92362-PB 5-Year Warranty PREMIUM 1 ⁄3 HP CAST IRON SUMP PUMP ITEM #VIC92371 5-Year Warranty PREMIUM 1 ⁄4 HP THERMOPLASTIC SUMP PUMP ITEM #VIC92260 3-Year Warranty PREMIUM 1 ⁄2 HP CAST IRON SEWAGE PUMP ITEM #VIC93511 3-Year Warranty PREMIUM 1 ⁄5 HP SUBMERSIBLE UTILITY PUMP ITEM #VIC91026 3-Year Warranty BACK-UP SUMP PUMP ITEM #VIC92910 2-Year Warranty from install date PREMIUM PUMPS: TOP QUALITY, FAIR PRICES & UP TO 5-YEAR WARRANTIES Dollar for dollar, Victory Pumps ™ produce higher head (25 ft.),more gallons per minute (compared by model) and are backed by their 'nohassle' warranty. They are simply the top program in the industry. • 1 - 877 - NE - SUPPLY CONTACT YOUR LOCAL NORTHEASTERN SUPPLY REPRESENTATIVE FOR MORE INFORMATION. Hassle-free returns & extended warranties — AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT NORTHEASTERN SUPPLY —

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